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Discovering Civilizations



Thematic Scenario: Discovering Civilizations
Contexts\Outcomes: Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship among the perspectives, practices, and products of the civilizations studied.
Learn from Selected Countries/Cultures: Geographical background information
Cultural background information
Historical background information
Strategies: Pair Activities:
Pairs of students create a mythological creature or god representing the selected culture.
Cooperative Learning:
Student groups assemble time capsules representing a new civilization.
Students generate a dig box of recovered items.
Students depict hieroglyphics, including names and mottos from the selected culture.
Venn Diagrams:
Students use a Venn diagram to compare/contrast a discovered civilization with their own.
Concept Ladders:
Students develop a concept ladder characterizing items found in a simulated archeological dig.
Comparison Charts:
Student groups chart comparative elements of legends.
Researching legends, civilizations, and cultures:
Students view and discuss a slide show representing various civilizations.
Students read and analyze legends from the selected culture.
Research historical background information.
Internet research.
Assessments: Oral Presentation:
Students write and illustrate, sing, or act out a legend.
Written Project:
Student groups create civilization criteria guides.
Final Project (Oral presentation with graphics as visual cues.):
Student groups invent their own civilization.
Resources: Internet research/resources
Library research/resources
Simulated digs
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