NSCAS Assessment Presentations at NDE Day 2021

Please join us for the Assessment presentations at NDE Day, July 28, 2021

(Click Links for PowerPoints)

9:45-10:30 NSCAS Innovation – Jeremy Heneger

10:40-11:25 NSCAS Growth Q&A (in person only – recording to come later) – Jeremy Heneger

1:00-1:45 Professional Learning Opportunities in 2021 and Formative Assessment Supports Network – Trudy Clark, Aly Martinez Wilkinson, and Dennison Bhola

1:55-2:40 NSCAS Update 2021-22 – Jeremy Heneger

2:50-3:36 NSCAS ACT State Testing for 2022 – Jeremy Heneger and Iris Owens

2:50-3:35 NSCAS Science: Building a Coherent System of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment – Rhonda True and Audrey Webb