Presidential Youth Fitness Program Training (PYFP)

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Our empowering Fitness Education Certified Champions Trainers:

Julane Hill
Coordinated School Health Specialist
Nebraska Department of Education
301 Centennial Mall South
Lincoln, NE 68509


Dawn Brammer
HPER Associate Professor
Chadron State College
1000 Main Street
Chadron, NE  69337


Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP)

Our certified trainers:

Lacey  Peters

Health & Physical Education Teacher

Westside High School

8701 Pacific St.

Omaha, NE  68114


Cindy Meyer

Associate Professor of Health and Human Performance


1014 Boswell Ave.

Crete, NE 68333


Brian Coyle, MPH

Physical Activity Coordinator

Nebraska Dept of Health & Human Services

301 Centennial Mall South

Lincoln, NE  68509


Physical Education

Physical Education Standards Adopted 10/7/2016

Physical Education is an integral part of total education of a child. It is the cornerstone in developing an active lifestyle, providing opportunities to guide young people in the process of becoming physically active for a lifetime. Quality physical education programs increase the physical competence, health-related fitness, self-responsibility, and enjoyment of physical activity for young people and includes the following: skill development, regular healthful physical activity, improved physical fitness, support for other subject areas, self-discipline, improved judgment, stress reduction, strengthened peer relations, improved self-confidence and self-esteem, and goal setting.

Mission of Physical Education

Physical activity is critical to the development and maintenance of good health. The goal of physical education is to develop physically educated individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity.

A physically education person:

  • Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
  • Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.
  • Participates regularly in physical activity.
  • Achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.
  • Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings.
  • Values physical activity for health enjoyment challenge, self-expression and/or social interaction.

Julane Hill
Coordinated School Health Career Education Specialist
Nebraska Department of Education
301 Centennial Mall South
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: 402-471-4352 
Fax: 402-471-4565

Patsy Shald
Administrative Assistant
Nebraska Department of Education
301 Centennial Mall South
Lincoln, NE 68509
Ph: 402-471-2109
Fax: 402-471-4565