ID&R Northeast Region (ESU #1)

Educational Service Unit #1
211 Tenth St
Wakefield, NE.  68784

Telephone:  402-287-2061
Fax:  402-287-2065

Vanessa Gascon-Guarcas, Coordinator
Office: (402) 287-2016
Cell: (402) 369-2222

Susana Valladares, Regional Recruiter
Cell: (402) 369-9388


ID&R Central Region (Head Start Child & Family Development Center)

Head Start CFDP, Inc
123 N. Marian Road
Hastings, NE 68901

Telephone:  402-462-4187
Fax:  402-462-4355

Kathleen Riley, Director
Office: (402) 462-4187 Ext 106

Lilia Coronado, Regional Recruiter
Cell: (402) 276-7235

Aida Evans,Regional Recruiter
Cell: (402) 942-3207

ID&R Southwest Region, State Migrant Parent Advisory Council, State Quality Control (ESU #15)

Educational Service Unit #15
305 East 1st Street
McCook, NE.  69001

Telephone:  (308) 345-7341
Fax:  (308) 345-7598

Jamie Garner, Director
Office: (308) 345-7341 (McCook Office)
Yanis Helm, Regional Recruiter
Office: (308) 345-7347

Veronica Estevez, Statewide MEP Parent Involvement and Quality Control Coordinator 
Office: (308) 370-9030

Rosaura Vera Chavez, Educational Liaison
Office: (308) 340-4655
Azucena Gamero, Educational Liaison
Office: (308) 340-9573


ID&R Panhandle Region (ESU #13)

Educational Service Unit #13
4215 Avenue I
Scottsbluff, NE  69361-4902

Telephone:  (308) 635-3696
Fax:  (308) 635-0680

Kiowa Rogers, Director 
Office: (308) 635-3696 Ext 244
Cell: (308) 631-5476
Rosie Cobos, Regional Recruiter
Office: (308) 635-3696
Cell: (308) 641-8442

Janie Garza, Data Specialist
Office: (308) 635-3696

Jaymie Hilliard, Regional Recruiter
Office: (308) 641-3883
Perla Garza, Regional Recruiter
Office: (308) 631-4614
Teresa Froman, Regional Recruiter
Office: (308) 641-5987

ID&R East Region (ESU #7)

Educational Service Unit #7
2657 44th Avenue
Columbus, NE 68601

Phone: (402) 564-5753
Fax: (402 563-1121

Cynthia Alarcon, Coordinator
Office: (402) 564-5753 Ext 1048
Cell: (402) 910-4043 

Isaura Barreto, Recruiter
Cell: (402) 910-1166
Danielle Waite, Program Analyst
Office (402) 564-5753 Ext 1066
Darlene Rodriguez, Recruiter
Cell: (402) 942-3188

  Ana Santos, Regional Recruiter
Cell: (402) 942-3187


Community Resources

When there is someone in your family with special needs, you may find yourself looking for answers. is Nebraska’s support and information connection for families and professionals seeking assistance.

Asian Community and Cultural Center
The mission of the Asian Community and Cultural Center is to support and empower Asian people while sharing Asian cultures with the entire community through its programs and services.

Assistive Technology Partnership
The Assistive Technology Partnership (ATP) is dedicated to helping Nebraskan’s with disabilities, their families and professionals obtain assistive technology devices and services.

Catholic Social Services (CSS) of Southern Nebraska
Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska is a faith-based agency that serves the public by providing services for those in need. CSS traces its beginnings to 1932 when Bishop Louis Kucera founded CSS to respond to the needs of persons suffering the effects of the Great Depression.

Center for People In Need
The mission of the Center for People in Need is to provide comprehensive services and opportunities to support low-income families and individuals. The Center provides for the emergency, basic needs of families through delivery of direct services. It actively advocates for systemic changes through federal, state and local policy makers. It also develops and supports educational programs, increased job training, and improved computer skills for low-income workers.

Clyde Malone Community Center
The Malone Center believes that enhanced understanding between all groups of people will create a better community. For decades the Malone Center has served neighboring families, youth, seniors and the Lincoln community with inclusive “social, cultural, education, employment and welfare” services.

Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders Counties
Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders Counties (formerly Lincoln Action Program) is a private, non-profit Community Action Agency serving Lancaster and Saunders Counties in Nebraska. It helps families in crisis meet their basic needs, helps individuals attain their educational and employment goals, and ultimately helps people strengthen their own families.

El Centro de las Américas
El Centro provides Lincoln, Nebraska’s Latino community with a broad range of vital services designed to enhance each individual’s capacity to become an integrated and engaged member of local society. El Centro’s mission is empowering Latino families to achieve self-sufficiency and personal growth through the provision of bilingual educational, social, and health services.

Friendship Home
Friendship Home exists to support, shelter and advocate for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

Good Neighbor Community Center
The Good Neighbor Community Center provides emergency food, clothing, and household items in a kind, understanding environment. Each client is personally welcomed through an individual interview and encouraged to participate in the center’s programs. The center offers ESL classes, GED classes, a mom’s support group, and a variety of other programs.

Indian Center, Inc.
The Indian Center is an integral and vital part of the City of Lincoln’s human service network serving not only Native Americans but non-Natives as well. From its Headquarter office in Lincoln, the Center provides a continuum of human services on a state-wide basis from its satellite offices in Omaha, Scottsbluff, and South Sioux City.

Latino American Commission
The Latino American Commission serves as a link between the Nebraska State Government and the Hispanic/Latino Community. It assists constituents through empowerment and referrals. The Latino American Commission is comprised of nine commissioners from across the State of Nebraska and one commissioner who serves as the Governor’s representative.

Legal Aid of Nebraska
Legal Aid of Nebraska provides dignity, hope, self-sufficiency and justice through quality civil legal aid for those who have nowhere else to turn. The fundamental goal of legal aid services is simple—to provide free legal representation to underprivileged citizens and to cultivate self-sufficiency among their clients. In addition to representing clients in federal, district, and tribal courts as well as state and federal administrative tribunals, Legal Aid of Nebraska is found at homeless shelters and ethnic centers catering to the legal needs of the state’s poverty-stricken along with refugees and other new Americans.

Lincoln Literacy
The mission of the Lincoln Literacy is to assist people of all cultures and strengthen the community by teaching English language and literacy skills. Programs offered include Adult Basic Literacy, ESL, Health Literacy, Workforce Readiness Classes for Refugees, Family Literacy Activities for Immigrants and Refugees (FLAIR), and Citizenship programs.

Lutheran Family Services (LFS) of Nebraska
Lutheran Family Services (LFS) of Nebraska is a faith-based, not-for-profit, multi-service human care agency with more than 30 locations across Nebraska and locations in Council Bluffs, Iowa and Wichita, Kansas. The mission of LFS is to provide human care services that builds and strengthens individual, family and community life. LFS’ services-ranging from prevention to intensive treatment-are as diverse as the people LFS serves. LFS’ programs and services are available to everyone regardless of age, race, religion or income.

Nebraska Appleseed
Nebraska Appleseed is a non-profit, nonpartisan public interest law firm that works for equal justice and full opportunity for all Nebraskans. Appleseed uses litigation, public policy reform, and community education to positively impact low-income families, immigrants, children in foster care, and access to health care.

Nebraska ChildFind
Nebraska ChildFind provides information to parents, school personnel, and service providers on child development and special education for children from birth (or date of diagnosis) to age 21. ChildFind also helps parents access information on rights and resources to help them advocate for an appropriate education for their child.

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
The Department of Health and Human Services provides important and, oftentimes, life-sustaining services to Nebraskans. These services include educating and protecting people through public health efforts; assisting the elderly, the poor and those with disabilities; providing safety to abused and/or neglected children or vulnerable adults; or serving those in need of 24-hour facility care.

Nebraska Early Development Network (EDN)
The Early Development Network (EDN) provides services and supports that are designed based on the needs of children birth to age three and their families with the belief that parents know what is best for their families. These services are designed to act on what families think is important for their child and family. The Network is staffed by friendly, supportive people who listen to and respect families. The Network also can connect families with other families who have had similar experiences.

Nebraska Head Start Association
Head Start has provides quality, comprehensive services – in education, nutrition, family support, and parent involvement – to prepare low-income children and their families for school and give them a “head start” in breaking the cycle of poverty. Other Head Start Programs offered in the state include Migrant and Tribal.

Proteus, Inc.
Proteus, Inc. is an Iowa-based private, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has been serving migrant and seasonal farmworkers, immigrants, and others since 1979. Proteus has been serving the Hispanic and Latino communities in Nebraska, Iowa, and Indiana for more than 30 years through grant related funding.

The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army offers centers of worship, learning and service which incorporate a vast range of programs that encompass people of all ages. Whether one is looking for meaningful volunteerism, diverse music opportunities, uplifting women’s ministries, lively senior clubs, or after-school activities for one’s child, the Salvation Army corps community centers are a place one can belong.

Southern Sudan Community Association (SSCA)Omaha
SSCA Omaha’s mission is to resettle refugees, provide programs to assist into their transition, and promote cultural, educational, social and economic development opportunities in their new communities. SSCA program participants establish a new life in Omaha, founded on the dignity of economic self-support and inclusion in opportunities which Americans enjoy.

Star Tran
Star Tran Bus company of Lincoln, Nebraska provides low income bus fare rates based on income guidelines. It currently has 14 weekday fixed-routes with an abbreviated Saturday schedule and no Sunday service. It operates between 5:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Tom and Nancy Osborne founded the TeamMates Mentoring Program in 1991 in an effort to provide support and encouragement to school aged youth. The goal of the program is to see youth graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education.  To reach this goal, youth meet one hour per week with a caring adult who serves as a mentor. 

Voices of Hope
Voices of Hope’s primary focus is on the provision of crisis intervention, advocacy and prevention services for domestic violence, sexual assault, and incest.

Resource Guide

Resource Guide for Free and Low Cost Assistance Complied by Culler Middle School


Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships Specific to Migrant Students

Albert Lee Wright Scholarship
Due: February annually
Criteria: The scholarship honors migrant students who have overcome barriers presented by mobility, who have performed strongly academically, and who have provided service to his/her community.
Requirements: Two letters of recommendation, a personal essay, transcripts, proof of acceptance and/or enrollment into a post-secondary degree granting institution, financial need documentation form, and proof of Migrant Education eligibility; submit copy of Certificate of Eligibility.

National High School Equivalency Program (HEP)/ College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) Association Scholarship
Due: HEP March 30th, June 30th or September 30th & CAMP September 30th
Requirements: Completion of HEP or CAMP, financial need, and enrollment into a post-secondary degree granting institution.

The Geneseo Migrant Center administers a variety of scholarships, linked below, to offer financial assistance to migrant students who want to further their education.

Scholarships Specific to Latin American/Hispanic American Students

Barrientos Scholarships
Criteria: To be eligible for the Barrientos scholarships, the applicants must not be receiving major financial assistance from other outside sources, such as Pell Grant, Goodrich Scholarship, or Susan Thompson Buffett award.

Gutierrez Mora Scholarship
A $7000 scholarship awarded in the Business field of study to the University of Nebraska at Omaha.
Due: May annually
Criteria: Business Major to also include Finance, Accounting, Marketing and/or Economics.
Requirements: Female of Latino decent, GPA 3.0 on 4.0 scale and 3.75 on 5.0 scale or higher, cumulative GPA required.

Lucy Mora Barrientos Scholarship
A $2500 scholarship awarded in any field to attend an accredited college in the State of Nebraska or Western Iowa.
Due: May annually
Requirements: Latino decent, GPA 2.8 or higher.

Matt & Ruth Sandoval Magic Touch Memorial Scholarship
A $1500 scholarship awarded to a South High Student in any field to attend an accredited college in the State of Nebraska.
Due: May annually
Requirements: Applicant must be an Omaha South High School student or alumni, GPA 2.5 or higher.

Latino Employee Network of Union Pacific Railroad Scholarship
Due: January annually
Requirements: Latino decent, GPA 2.8 or higher, ACT 20 or higher, plan to attend a 4 year college, and provide a social security number.

NSBA Hispanic Caucus
Due: January annually
Requirements: Hispanic decent, GPA 2.5 or higher, and accepted at 2 or 4 year college.

Scholarships Specific to African American Students

Black Employee Network of Union Pacific Railroad Scholarship
Due: February annually
Requirements: African-American United States citizen, GPA 2.75 or higher, enrolled in a full time course of study at an accredited college or university in the state of Nebraska, Illinois, Texas, California, Louisiana, Missouri, or Arkansas.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Criteria: A number of scholarships are available to members of the NAACP, including The Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship for undergraduate or graduate studies and the Roy Wilkins Scholarship for those starting their first year of college.

The Ron Brown Scholar Program
Criteria: The Ron Brown Scholar Program is open to African-American high school seniors who are active in their community and demonstrate financial need.

The Thurgood Marshall Fund
Criteria: A number of scholarship opportunities for African-Americans, mostly geared toward business degrees. However, a number lack restrictions on field of study, including the Wal-Mart Scholars fund for first-generation college students. Other scholarships are provided for specific schools or areas.

UNCF (Formerly the United Negro College Fund)
Criteria: The UNCF (Formerly the United Negro College Fund) runs 400 scholarships and internships designed to help African Americans earn a degree. The organization also provides fellowships and grants for students starting undergraduate work all the way up to a doctorate. Each scholarship has different requirements and restrictions. If you are attending a school with a UNCF membership, you may also complete a form for a general scholarship.

Scholarships Specific to any U.S. Minority Group Students

Davis-Chambers Scholarship
Apply for Admissions: Apply for admission by January 15 (University of Nebraska-Lincoln [UNL]) or Feb 1 (University of Nebraska-Omaha [UNO], University of Nebraska-Kearney[UNK])
Due: Feb 1 (UNL*, UNO, UNK) and Aug 1 (University of Nebraska Medical Center [UNMC])
* UNL applicants must apply online at
Criteria: Recognizes academically promising students from diverse backgrounds who often find that the financial requirements of postsecondary education are a major obstacle. Qualified applicants must be Nebraska residents who have graduated from a Nebraska high school. Award amounts vary, but are generally $2,000 to $4,000 per year.
Requirements: Each applicant is required to also file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as additional resources may be available to students with financial need.

Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship

Due: March annually
Criteria: Offered to minority students planning to attend an accredited four-year college or university. Considers academic achievement, leadership potential, community involvement, and financial need.
Requirements: Transcripts, ACT of 21 or SAT of 1000, a personal essay, and one letter of recommendation.
After October 15 each year you can find and submit the required application online at under the “Apply” tab. All supplemental materials must also be received by the deadline.

Page Education Scholar
Due: May annual
Criteria: Page Education Scholars receive a monetary scholarship for post-educational studies and act as role-models to youth through the Service-to-Children Project.
Requirements: Student of color, graduate of a Minnesota high school, enrolled full-time in a post-secondary educational institution in Minnesota, and willing to complete a minimum of 50 hours for a Service-to-Children project.

Taylor Michaels Scholarship Program
Criteria: Sponsored by the Magic Johnson Foundation, this scholarship is provided for minority high school students seeking to earn an undergraduate degree. However, this scholarship is limited to students who live in Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Lansing, Los Angeles County, or New York.

Other Scholarship and Tuition Waiver Opportunities

Ak-Sar-Ben Horatio Alger Scholarship Program, a partnership with Horatio Alger, Ak-Sar-Ben and Team Mates
Criteria: Offered to Nebraska or western Iowa seniors who exhibit integrity and perseverance in overcoming personal adversity, and who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree, but has critical financial need.
Requirements: Minimum 2.0 GPA and resident of Nebraska.
Note: Students may start their studies at a 2 year institution and then transfer to a 4 year institution.

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) Scholarship Program
Criteria: Students must demonstrate financial need (typically determined by FAFSA) and attend a HACU-member college or university in the US or Puerto Rico at the time applications are completed and scholarship awards are made.

Multicultural Community Service Scholarship
Due: February 1 annually.
Criteria: Designed to provide students an opportunity to serve the University of Nebraska-Kearney (UNK) by establishing a diverse and lively community. Recipients of this scholarship will receive a full tuition waiver up to 15 credit hours per semester. This scholarship is renewable for up to eight regular semesters and two summer terms. Recipients will be selected primarily on the basis of leadership in the multicultural community through participation in school and community activities.
Requirements: Applicants must complete a UNK Admissions Application.

Peter Kiewit Foundation Educators Opportunity Scholarship
Due: February 1 annually.
Criteria: The Kiewit Scholarship provides up to $10,000 annually and is awarded to students pursuing classroom teaching credentials at the University of Nebraska-Kearney (UNK).  The scholarship can be renewed for up to four years.
Requirements: Recipients must be graduates of a Nebraska high school and must be U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents of the United States.  Additionally, recipients must be fluent, both speaking and writing, in Spanish and demonstrate a genuine commitment to becoming a teacher.  Applicants must complete a UNK Admissions Application.

Public Health Early Admission Student Track (PHEAST)
Public Health Early Admission Student Track (PHEAST) is a cooperative program between Peru State College and the University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Public Health (UNMC CoPH). Through the PHEAST program, eligible Peru State College students in their sophomore or junior year can gain provisional acceptance into the UNMC CoPH Masters of Public Health Program while enrolled at Peru State College. If selected as a participant in the program, each student will receive a full tuition waiver (junior and senior years) while enrolled at PSC provided student maintains good standing within the PHEAST program.

Rural Health Opportunities Program (RHOP)
The Rural Health Opportunities Program (RHOP) is a cooperative program between Peru State and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). Students admitted into the RHOP must be from a rural background. The purpose of the program is to recruit and educate students from rural communities who will plan to practice in the rural areas of Nebraska. It represents a commitment and dedication to quality health care for the citizens of the state. Upon selection into the RHOP, students are automatically pre-admitted into their specific program at the UNMC. Students are strongly encouraged and expected to practice in the rural areas of Nebraska. If selected as a participant in the program, each student will receive a full tuition waiver while enrolled at Peru State, provided the student maintains good standing within the RHOP.

Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation Scholarship
Due: Apply on-line at between January 1 and March 1.
Criteria: Scholarship to to any Nebraska public university, college, or community college.
The Susan T. Buffett Foundation provides scholarships that can be used to cover expenses related to attending college (e.g. tuition and fees, housing, books). The amount of the scholarship varies by institution but is typically equal to the average cost of tuition and fees for a full-time student (15 credits) at that institution. For example, the maximum 2013-2014 scholarship amount was $4,250 per semester at the University of Nebraska schools.

TEACH Early Childhood Nebraska
TEACH Early Childhood Nebraska provides scholarships to help early care and education professionals complete coursework at a local college and work toward a degree in Early Childhood Education.  Scholarships are available for both Associates and Bachelors Degrees.

Additional Resources



Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF)

Nebraska Educational Savings Trust

The SallieMae Fund


Your Family’s Health

Health Departments of Nebraska

County and District Health Department Websites

Your Family’s Health

Cass Family Medicine
Cass Family Medicine’s goal is to provide high quality affordable primary medical, dental, behavioral health, and pharmacy services in a culturally respectful manner with special attention to the underserved. Located in Plattsmouth, NE.

Charles Drew Health Centers
Charles Drew Health Center, Inc. is committed to creating a vision of health for the community it serves. Its goal is to partner with its patients to make this vision a reality in their lives, and to give future generations – a legacy of wellness. Located in Omaha, NE.

Clinic with a Heart
A faith-inspired organization, Clinic with a Heart serves the uninsured and underinsured through a ministry of healthcare. Its volunteers provide free healthcare with hospitality, dignity, and grace. As part of its commitment to its patients it serves as a gateway to other human service agencies helping patients in finding an appropriate healthcare home. Located in Lincoln, NE.

Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska (CAPWN)
Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska is a Community Action Partnership and member of a national network of over 1,000 community action agencies across America. It is a non-profit community based health and human services organization that serves low-income, disadvantaged, and those unable to meet their needs through other sources.
Locations in Alliance, Gering, Bridgeport, and Chadron, NE(dental).

Food Bank of Lincoln – Nebraska 2-1-1*
The Food Bank of Lincoln is committed to insuring that people get the help they need to feed their family. 2-1-1* is a free and confidential telephone number that connects you with the resources you need for food, or grocery money for fruit, vegetables, meat, and more. Any time, day or night, trained professionals are ready to help. If you are outside the service area or are using certain cell phones, you may need to reach the staff by dialing (402) 444-6666.

Lutheran Family Services
Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska (LFS) is a faith-based, not-for-profit, multi-service human care agency with more than 30 locations across Nebraska and locations in Council Bluffs, Iowa and Wichita, Kansas. Its mission is to provide human care services that build and strengthen individual, family and community life. LFS’ services-ranging from prevention to intensive treatment are as diverse as the people it serves. LFS’ programs and services are available to everyone regardless of age, race, religion, or income.

Midtown Health Center
Midtown Health Center is a community health center serving the residents of Madison County, Nebraska and the surrounding area. Locations in Norfolk and Madison, NE.

Nebraska Dental Care Resources

Nebraska Food, Clothing, and Hygiene Resources

OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc.
OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc., in partnership with the community, provides culturally respectful, quality health care with special attention to the underserved. It focuses on meeting primary health care needs of its community. The health center maintains an open-door policy providing treatment according to an individual’s income or insurance coverage. Located in Omaha, NE.

People’s City Mission Free Health Clinic
The PCM Medical Clinic exists to offer physical, emotional and spiritual healing to hurting people in Lincoln, Nebraska who lack medical insurance or the ability to pay for health care.

People’s Health Center
The People’s Health Center provides affordable, comprehensive, accessible, culturally appropriate, cost-effective primary health care. The Center will serve people of the Lincoln, Nebraska area, especially those individuals/families with limited resources or with other barriers to health care to improve their overall health status.

Siouxland Community Health Center
Located in Sioux City, IA.

Health Materials for your Family

Farm Safety 4 Just Kids
The mission of Farm Safety 4 Just Kids is to promote a safe farm environment to prevent health hazards, injuries, and fatalities to children and youth.

Flu (H1N1 virus) information from the Center for Disease Control

The Pepin Comic Book Series
The Pepin Comic Book animated series covers seven immunization topics: Td, Chickenpox, MMR, DTaP, Hep A, Hep B, and After the Shot. These popular education materials are available in English and Spanish.

The Center for Disease Control has produced a H1N1 brochure in Spanish and English.
En Español
In English

Swin Flu (H1N1 virus) information from the National Center for Farmworker Health (NCFH)

Your School Rights

Eligibility for School Meals

Office for Civil Rights

The Plyler Ruling

Educational Resources for Parents

Improving your Child’s Education: A Guide for African American Parents

Improving your Child’s Education: A Guide for Latino Parents

Quality Control

Child Eligibility and Services Re-Interview Form

Technical Assistance Guide on Re-interviewing

State Quality Control

COE Approval Process

Local Quality Control

Appeal Form