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Users’ Manual

Program Budgeting, Accounting and Reporting System for Nebraska School Districts

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Page updated 07/11/2018

Vacancy Information – Reorganization Committee

Search for Candidates to Fill a Vacancy on the State Committee for the Reorganization of School Districts (Application Due July 31)


After many years of dedicated service and leadership, Ms. Teresa Hawk, of Chadron, Nebraska, has decided this term for the State Committee for the Reorganization of School Districts ending on December 31, 2018 will be her last.


The Commissioner of Education has asked the staff of the Office of School Finance and Organization Services to begin the process of seeking recommendations from the Nebraska education community for persons with interest and appropriate qualifications for this post.  Candidates will be recommended to the State Board of Education at its September meeting.  State Statutes 79-435, R.R.S., requires that the qualification for this position be a layperson (A layperson would mean anyone not currently certified as a teacher or administrator. This applicant would need to have “some knowledge” about how public school districts are organized, and currently operated). Members of the Committee serve without compensation, but are reimbursed for expenses necessarily incurred in the performance of their duties.  The Committee meets 1-2 times per year or as required by reorganization activity.


Potential candidates should complete and submit the following online application by Tuesday, July 31, 2018.


Contact Bryce Wilson at (402) 471-4320 or if you have further questions.


new 06/11/2018

ESU & District Resources

Nebraska Maps

1718 Nebraska School Districts and ESUs (pdf)

1718 Nebraska Schools Districts (pdf)

Commissioner’s Talent Pool

To:                Principal, Superintendent, Assistant Principal, and Assistant Superintendent

From:          Matthew L. Blomstedt, Ph.D., Commissioner of Education

Re:               Talent Pool Recommendations – Elementary (K-5)

Deadline:  June 13, 2018

The Nebraska Department of Education is searching for emerging and established distinguished instructional leaders among the cadre of teachers and principals.  These educators may be considered as candidates for special recognition programs, as well as considered for membership on advisory boards and task forces.  Your recommendations will identify Nebraska educators who are of great value to your community and state, and who may also ultimately receive prestigious recognition.

The veteran educators represented in our talent pool have been and continue to be a valuable resource in our state efforts.  At this time, we are looking for representation from elementary (K-5) educators relatively new to the profession who demonstrate outstanding instructional and leadership ability.  We are looking for educators with at least five years of experience, especially.  This would include educators receiving Bachelor’s degrees after the year 2000.  These individuals should exhibit strong potential for professional leadership and inspiring presence that impacts students, colleagues, and community.

Do you know an educator who is illustrative of the best, not only in Nebraska, but also in the nation?  Whose lessons provide models for others?  Who has distinguished himself/herself above and beyond established top-quality professionals in many of our schools?  Candidates are building level personnel.  They are typically classroom teachers as opposed to specialists and are recognized by peers and supervisors as unique in their growth.  Previous recognition is not required.  In fact, of special interest are educators who are outstanding, but have not received other recognition.

Please provide confidential, succinct, and specific information regarding a candidate on the form linked below.  All questions must be answered, preferably typewritten.  Please include a one-page narrative with this form that addresses how the candidate meets the criteria mentioned in this letter, and also a resume from his or her personnel file.  We ask that you keep this recommendation confidential and do not share it with the individual.  I urge you to take the time to recommend a candidate.  If necessary, please assign the request to an associate.  Complete information must be sent by June 13, 2018 to:

Lora Sypal, Executive Office Associate
Office of the Commissioner
Nebraska Department of Education
P.O. Box 94987
Lincoln, NE  68509-4987

Talent Pool Recommendation Form (PDF):  Talent Pool Recommendation Form

Instructions for Saving and Completing the PDF Form:

  • Right click on the Talent Pool Recommendation Form link above.
  • Select “Save link as” or “Save file as”.
  • Save the link or file to your computer.
  • Navigate on your computer to where the file was saved.
  • Open and complete the form in Adobe Reader.
  • Save what you have completed.
  • At the bottom of the form, “Submit by Email” the completed form.
  • Also in the Email, attach the one page narrative, as to how the candidate meets the criteria, and the candidate’s resume.

If you have technical issues with the PDF form:

For questions or to receive a Word version of the Form, contact Lora Sypal, or (402) 471-5059.

Nebraska Educator Certification System Requirements

No Obligation of the State

Download these requirements as a PDF


This Request for Information (RFI) is an informational request and in no way creates any obligation on the part of the Nebraska Department of Education.

Request for Information:  The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) is requesting information regarding Educator Certification Systems (ECS).  The State is seeking information from vendors regarding proposed solutions and estimated costs. The Nebraska Department of Education will use the information from this RFI to inform the development of a Request for Proposal to be released in Mid-2018 to seek a vendor to provide an Educator Certification System.


The Nebraska State Department of Education (NDE) is responsible for credentialing and licensing Nebraska’s educators as governed by statute and legislative rules.  As with many departmental processes and procedures, the NDE has sought to reduce paper and timelines in processing requests for certification.  To do so, NDE created an information system designed to assist Educator Certification Analysts in processing and managing credentials for the state.  This system, as almost all do, has undergone several iterations in technology, process, and automation to lessen the administrative and financial burdens of managing licensure for the state.

Purpose and Objectives

The NDE is seeking a new, user friendly, secure and robust educator licensure system.  The system will have the capacity to efficiently serve all customers (internal and external users), both existing and new.  Existing educators will be able to access their record online, update, and renew their licenses, including processing of payment.  New educators will be able to create an account online, submit their application and payment; the system will seamlessly transition the record from the new educator process to licensed educator process as appropriate.

Project Description

The NDE would expect to release a competitive solicitation (RFP) approximately Mid-2018.  Award and contract finalization would occur by Fall-2018 with project start date to occur by Fall-2018.

  • Budget is to be determined.
  • Type of system (COTS, custom developed, etc…) are to be determined.

The new system would replace the existing Nebraska Department of Education Educator Certification System.

Project Description Details

The following are pertinent data points for the proposed Educator Certification System.

Licenses processed in 2017:

Total Licenses Processed11,490
Renewals/Upgrades/Adding Endorsements/ Duplicates4,379

This would be the maximum number of concurrent users on line at one time:
Total Educator Licensure System Users          250-300


Approximate number of records in the database:
Total number of base Educator Records         115,881

The NDE issues but not limited to the following types/classes: Administration, Teaching, Special Services, Professional Standard, Initial, Provisional, State Substitute, Temporary, Conditional Permit Transitional, Local Substitute, Provisional Commitment, Provisional Re-Entry, Dual Credit, Career Education, Permit, Provisional Permit, Postsecondary Teaching Permit, Career Ed Teaching Permit, Alternate Program Teaching Permit, Trades

Educator Certification System High Level Process Flow

General System Usability and Navigation

The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) will consider all types of solutions (COTS, custom-developed, Cloud, etc.) but prefers solutions that have already been developed, tested, and deployed, and that is also configurable to meet the NDE’s unique requirements.

The NDE will consider a system that is hosted or on premise or a hybrid.

The system must be fully accessible to all users, including international users, via the Internet using a well-designed graphical web interface, and be browser independent.

Summarize how your system

  • Provides on-screen or in-system user help.
  • Validates data.
  • Provides web-based application with wizard for candidate to manage applications status and renewals end-to-end.
  • Provides batch or API integration with state payment processing vendor.
  • View status of applicant’s payment for credentialing and fingerprinting fees and gate application processing based on completed and accurate payment.
  • Capture and store applicant’s personal and contact information, including social security number and former names.
  • Possible integrations with state pension or NSSRS Advisor systems for one source of truth.
  • Utilize a new Nebraska Unique Person ID system number that follows individuals from birth to retirement.
  • Capture and store applicant’s Personal and Professional Fitness (PPF) self-reported survey responses.
  • Receive assessment record data electronically in a standardized, machine-readable format for surfacing in the application in a consistent manner.
  • API integration with state higher education systems linked by Unique Person ID.
  • Receive data electronically in a standardized, machine-readable format (either PDF or PESC higher education data standard) for use in the application in a consistent manner.
  • Queue and filter applications based on fee payment status, age of application, application status.
  • Allow applicant to download a PDF of their current certification(s) – built in real-time from the end user application interface.
  • Search and view Nebraska staff data, including years of experience.
  • Email checklist to applicant of outstanding items required to complete processing.
  • Capture email correspondence history with applicant.
  • Allow external users to search for certificates on file with the Division of Educator Certification.
  • Allow external users to search for application status.
  • Provide ability to batch or bulk update record status to inactive using analyst administrative functions.
  • Ability to batch process annual renewals.
  • Provide checklist workflow for matching supporting documentation to certificate and permit requirements.
  • Reporting supports compliance, quality, and research objectives using role-based access to meet a broad group of stakeholder requirements while protecting data privacy and access.


The aging technology is a limiting factor for NDE’s overall upgrade strategy and schedule, and portions of the code base are outdated. NDE is committed to continuing with a computer-based system for the long term Nebraska is seeking information from interested vendors that demonstrates an understanding of specific issues that can occur with computer-based assessment and offers multiple, evidence-based solutions that include strong support for district staff.

System Security

The NDE requires system security that incorporates stringent security and various user roles.  Security must include the ability to define user roles and assign security levels by group and/or individual user. The NDE expects a licensure system to allow external users access to specified information, such as a public lookup.

Summarize how your system:

  • Handles security administration.
  • Allows public access to certain information about educators that must be available through the State website to all citizens.

Reporting and Analytics

Summarize your system’s query/search and reporting capabilities.

Summarize and provide examples of:

  • Any available standard reports.
  • The types of reports that are available and any filter criteria that exists for each report.
  • Ad-hoc reports the system is able to create.
  • Analytic functions for metric reporting.
  • Export formats, including but not limited to Microsoft Excel, CSV, XML and others.

Archiving Information

Summarize how your system:

  • Archives records including all necessary identifying codes and supporting records.
  • Recalls and uses archived data.

Training and support

Summarize the system training that is provided to new customers.

Data Conversion

The NDE expects that all records within our existing Educator Certification System will be securely transitioned into the new system without loss or skewing of records or the information contained within.

Summarize the data conversion process from an older, different system to your system.

 System Flexibility

The Certification application guidelines change periodically as rules, regulations or guidelines are changed by the Federal Department of Education and Nebraska Board of Public Education

Summarize how your system provides flexible configuration and the creation/alternation of business rules to allow for change in rules, regulations or guidelines and note whether or not vendor involvement is needed.

Important Notice:

This RFI does not constitute nor guarantee that the State will proceed with a formal solicitation for the requested services.  The State is not responsible for any cost associated with the preparation of any response to this request.

Response Information

Interested vendors are invited to submit a letter of interest that includes a response to the following priorities.  Provide succinct summary response to each item and identify any constraints or efficiencies for NDE consideration.

Response Deadline

Friday, April 13, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. Central Standard Time

All questions related to this RFI should be directed to

Responses are to be sent as letters or electronic letters and must be received electronically at or by mail at

Attn:  Dr. Dean Folkers
Nebraska Department of Education
301 Centennial Mall Box 94987
Lincoln, NE 68509-4987

Please limit attachments to 25 MBs and use multiple emails if necessary.

Note: Please send an email to with no attachments, indicating you have submitted a response by mail.

Special Grant Fund List

Proposed 2018/19 Special Grant Fund List (for School District Budgeting)

This content is no longer available.




Enrollment Option Appeal Decisions

Under Section 79-239 of the Revised Statutes of Nebraska (R.R.S.), if an application for enrollment option  is rejected by the option school district or if the resident school district rejects a request for release under subsection (1) of Section 79-237 R.R.S., the rejecting school district shall provide written notification to the parent or guardians stating the reason for the rejection.

The parent or legal guardian may appeal a rejection to the State Board of Education by filing a written request, together with a copy of the rejection notice, with the State Board of Education.  Any appeals under Section 79-239 R.R.S. are governed by the provisions of 92 NAC 61, except that the Commissioner may appoint a hearing officer.

View Rule 61


Enrollment Option Appeal Hearing Officer’s Report, Final Decision and Order since 1998, by subject index:

Teacher Certification

Section A

I want to be a Nebraska Educator and I have never held any Nebraska Certificate

Teaching Certificates & Permits

Administrative Certificates & Permits

Special Services Certificates & Permits

Section B

I am a Nebraska Educator and want to renew, update or advance my Certificate

Certificate ApplicationRenewals
Adding EndorsementsSupporting Forms


Section C

State Requirements

Human Relations Training

Human Relations Narrative

Praxis I Series – Core Academic Skills
Special Education Training

Special Education Narrative

Praxis Subject Assessment (Content Test)
Fingerprint Requirements

Section D


Current Application Status AND
Current Certificates & HR Training LookupCertification Investigations

Section E

Detailed Certification Information

Certification ManualCertification Terms

Section F

Protocol for Administrators


Conditional Permit RequestLocal Substitute Request
Major Changes in Rule 21
teacher certificat linklink to Administrative Certificates and PermitsLink to Special Services Certificates and Permith

Testimony for Rule Hearings

These videos are primarily AUDIO only.

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Hearing on 05/16/2018

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Hearing on 01/26/2018

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Hearing on 01/26/2018

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