By statute, the State Board shall meet regularly and periodically in the office of the State Department of Education at least four times annually. The State Board will hold regular meetings on the first Thursday and Friday of each month except January or as otherwise determined by the Board.  In January the State Board will meet on the first Thursday and Friday following the first Monday of the month.    The time of meetings will be set by the Board President.

The State Board shall give reasonable advance publicized notice of the time and place of each meeting at least five days in advance of the meeting by the following methods:

  1. A copy of the notice shall be published on the Department’s website on the Internet.
  2. The Commissioner shall e-mail a copy of the notice to each member of the news media requesting notification.
  3. Each agenda shall contain not only the time and place of the next meeting, but also the anticipated time and place of the next following scheduled meeting.
  4. Each set of minutes will reflect the next scheduled meeting date.

In addition to regular meetings, special and emergency meetings may be held as provided in B7 .