The Board must record the minutes of all meetings. The minutes must contain the meeting time and place, members present and absent, and the substance of and actions taken on all matters discussed.  All votes must be recorded showing how each member voted on each issue or if the Board member was absent or not voting.  Board members making a statement that they wish to be recorded in the minutes shall include the words “for the record” prior to making the statement.  Votes to organize the Board may be taken by secret ballot, but the minutes must indicate how many votes each candidate received.  All Board minutes are public records and must be open for public inspection on the NDE website during normal business hours.  Minutes shall be written and available for inspection within ten working days, or prior to the next convened meeting, whichever occurs earlier.


Secretary of the Board  

As Secretary of the State Board of Education, the Commissioner of Education is responsible for the accurate recording and maintenance of State Board of Education meeting minutes.  The Commissioner shall designate a staff member to act as the recording secretary to record minutes during the meetings of the Board, record votes and print the minutes for dissemination.

The Commissioner shall ensure that minutes record accurately attendance of the Board members, meeting participants, times and dates, motions and votes, and other actions of the Board as required by statute.

Whenever required for the purposes of clarity, minutes shall include attachments of proposed documents and/or notations that clarify all actions of the Board.  In addition to the minutes, the Department shall also permanently retain in its records a copy of the meeting agenda, support materials, and items distributed at the meeting.