All requests by Board members for research or other assistance by staff should be routed through the Commissioner’s Office.

In cases where the individual Board member requires assistance from staff for research, creation of information or documents, or other preparation to assist the Board member in his or her official duties, those requests should be handled as follows:

  • Requests requiring less than four hours of staff time, and minimal other costs, should be completed by the staff as directed by the Commissioner, including the preparation of a brief report of the staff time and costs involved.
  • For requests requiring more than four hours of staff time and/or more than minimal other costs, such requests shall be submitted by the Board member in writing and routed through the Commissioner’s office or through the Board President.  The requesting Board member will be provided with a written response identifying the specific request and the activities required to complete it, the estimated staff time required, the estimated total cost of staff time and related expenses, and the estimated timeline for completion.  The requesting Board member may authorize the initiation of the activity for up to four hours of time and minimal related cost.  The total project will require approval of the Board for completion of the balance of the project.

In consultation with the Board President, the Commissioner shall determine the appropriateness of providing the same request for the benefit of other Board members. Board members may request copies of the projects/activities completed for other Board members.