The State Board may change its existing policies, bylaws or position statements or adopt new policies, bylaws, or position statements at any time, on its own motion or upon recommendation by the Commissioner.

All State Board policies, bylaws and position statements shall be included on the State Board’s webpage.

All State Board policies, bylaws and position statements are to be reviewed by the Board every four years and the Commissioner will recommend a subsequent review date when each new policy is proposed.

The State Board’s internal policy directives (designated by the letter “P”) and the State Board’s bylaws (designated by the letter “B”) shall remain in full force and effect until amended or rescinded by the State board.

The State Board’s general position statements (designated by the letter “S”) shall expire four years after their adoption, revision, or reaffirmation unless revised, reaffirmed, or rescinded by the State Board prior to expiration.

A Board policy (“P” series) is a set of clear directives that define how the State Board intends the Department to operate and conduct its actions and/or business and how the State Board itself may be involved in such matters. A policy is used by the State Board to direct or limit its actions in pursuit of its’ long term goals.  Policies can be used to guide decisions in achieving desired outcomes.

A Board bylaw (“B” series) is an internal rule or practice as to the State Board’s own operations and meetings.

A position statement (“S” series) lets the public and educators know where the Nebraska State Board of Education stands on a topic, concern, or an educational area.  It can be used in a variety of ways.  The State Board may use a position statement to: share their vision and or beliefs; offer an explanation or justification; make recommendations for a course of action to schools, educators, and Department personnel, or to issue model policies or practices as directed by the Legislature or otherwise.

The General Counsel will review all Board policies, bylaws and position statements annually for compliance with state law.

All State Board resolutions, except those honoring an individual, shall contain an expiration date. A State Board Resolution is a formal public statement of the Board as to its opinion on a matter or as to an individual.