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Revision of – Model of Property Tax Authority

Model of the 2024/25 Property Tax Authority – February 20, 2024

The modeled property tax authority and a description of the calculation are available below.

Please note the spreadsheet on this webpage is for informational purposes only, the information in the spreadsheet is subject to change, and the spreadsheet does not constitute a Certification of Property Tax Authority.

The first document is the calculated property tax authority with the additional amount that can be accessed with 70% board approval. Please note that if the district had any unused property tax authority it has been added to the 2024/25 Property Tax Request Authority total. The third document gives the details of the calculation including the source and years of information used.  In March NDE will be releasing a collection in the portal to allow districts to make changes to the numbers used for the “Other Revenue.”

Please review your district’s components for accuracy.  If you find any errors, contact one of the following:

  • Bryce Wilson at (402) 471-4320 or,
  • Kevin Lyons at (402) 450-1418 or,
  • Michelle Cartwright at (402) 450-0867 or, or
  • Stephanie DeGroot at (402) 540-0649 or

Note: All Model-related documents will be removed from the website at 4:00 PM CT on Friday, February 23, 2024.  

Updated February 21, 2024 3:40pm