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Enrollment Option Appeal Decisions

Under Section 79-239 of the Revised Statutes of Nebraska (R.R.S.), if an application for enrollment option  is rejected by the option school district or if the resident school district rejects a request for release under subsection (1) of Section 79-237 R.R.S., the rejecting school district shall provide written notification to the parent or guardians stating the reason for the rejection.

The parent or legal guardian may appeal a rejection to the State Board of Education by filing a written request, together with a copy of the rejection notice, with the State Board of Education.  Any appeals under Section 79-239 R.R.S. are governed by the provisions of 92 NAC 61, except that the Commissioner may appoint a hearing officer.

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Enrollment Option Appeal Hearing Officer’s Report, Final Decision and Order since 1998, by subject index:

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