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School District Budgeting FAQs

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What’s new in School District Budgeting for 2022/23

Per LB 644 (2021 Legislature), if a School District increases their Property Tax Request by more than 2% plus growth, they are required to participate in a Joint Public Hearing, and have their information included on a postcard that is sent to all impacted property owners. The District must then:

  • Notify County Clerk (of the primary County) by September 5th the need to participate in a Joint Public Hearing.
    • The Joint Public Hearing must be scheduled between September 17-28th
    • Postcards will be mailed by the County notifying all affected property taxpayers
    • The Joint Public Hearing replaces the Final Tax Request hearing
  • Board approval of the budget is held separately and takes place after the Joint Public Hearing
    • Adopted Budget and required documents must be submitted by Sept 30th.

Important Dates and Date Changes for 2022/23


Program Contacts

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