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School District Budgeting – Other Receipts & Allocations

Budgeting Information Related to Other Receipts & Allocations (Federal, State, and Miscellaneous) – 2022/23 School Fiscal Year

A.   Federal Funds

A1.  Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Funding

IDEA flow-through allocations for 2022/23 may be viewed on the Special Education Finance webpage (under “Estimated Enrollment/Poverty Funding Calculations”).  This includes funds available for Special Education services and transportation for birth to age 5 and school age students. For assistance with IDEA funding, contact Greg Prochazka at (531) 530-9096 or

A2.   Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and Title Programs Funding

Visit the Federal Programs webpage for information, allocations, and contacts for the ESSA/Title programs.

A3.   School Lunch

Information on federal reimbursement for breakfast, lunch and after school snacks may be viewed on the Nutrition Services Reimbursement Rates webpage. For assistance with School Lunch funding, contact Steve Bauers at (402) 890-8136 or

B.   State Funds

B1.   State Aid

The 2022/23 State Aid was certified to all school districts on February 23, 2022.  Visit the State Aid webpage to view a school district’s State Aid. For assistance with State Aid, contact Kevin Lyons at (402) 450-1418 or

B2.   State Apportionment

The per child factor will be calculated from the age 5-18 census count, as of June 30, submitted by each school district every year.  Visit the Apportionment webpage for more information on the State Apportionment funding.  For assistance with State Apportionment funding, contact Michelle Cartwright: (402) 450-0867 or or Stephanie DeGroot: (402) 540-0649 or

B3.   School Breakfast

School districts operating a school breakfast program in FY 2022/23 should anticipate receiving 5 cents for each breakfast served in FY 2021. For assistance with School Breakfast funding, contact Steve Bauers at (402) 890-8136 or

B4.   School Lunch

Projected state funding to be disbursed in 2022/23 is $392,032. Anticipate receiving approximately 1 cent per lunch served.  For assistance with School Lunch funding, contact Steve Bauers at (402) 890-8136 or

B5.   Special Education

State funding available for the 2022/23 reimbursement of 2021/22 school-age special education program allowable costs and school-age special education transportation allowable costs were limited to a 1% increase of the 2021/22 appropriated amount.  Payments for both programs will be based on the prorated share of available General Funds.  For assistance with Special Education funding, contact Greg Prochazka at (531) 530-9096 or

C.   Miscellaneous

C1.   Mileage Reimbursement Rate

To view the calculation for regular transportation reimbursement and Enrollment Option transportation reimbursement, visit the Mileage Reimbursement Rate webpage.

Program Contacts

  • Michelle Cartwright: (402) 450-0867 or
  • Stephanie DeGroot: (402) 540-0649 or
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