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Audits (School District)

Annual Financial Report (School District)


Nebraska public school districts are required by Nebraska State Statute 

§79-1089 to undergo an audit of the district’s financial records.  Rules governing this audit have been set forth by the Department of Education in Rule 1: Regulations Governing Audit Procedures (pdf file).  The school district audit must be submitted to the Department of Education no later than November 5 following the end of the school fiscal year.

Audits must be submitted to NDE through the Annual Financial Report Collection through the District’s Portal account. Emails and mailings will not be accepted.

The audit requirement is completed when the Auditor’s Letter to Management  following the audit process has been submitted to NDE.

  • All school districts are required to respond to any compliance issues addressed in the school district audit and in the auditor’s Letter to Management (Rule 1, 003.05).  School district responses must include an explanation of how the school remedied those issues.

    • Copies of Auditor’s Letter to Management and school district response must be submitted to NDE on or before January 31 following the end of the school fiscal year.

Additional information concerning school district audits and accounting systems can be found by clicking the following links:

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