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2018/19 ESSA Financial Coding Information

Annual Financial Report (School District)

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

The implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is directing change to various categories of reporting data to NDE.  A major provision of ESSA is a statewide accountability system that includes the annual requirement to identify schools with consistently underperforming subgroups for targeted support and improvement by 2019/20.  Additionally, ESSA requires a per pupil expenditure at the school building level.

In order to comply with this provision of ESSA and with a greater emphasis and expectation of financial accountability, the Commissioner has requested the development of a new district coding structure to collect financial data at the district level as well as the individual school level.   Aligning with Federal accounting codes will provide needed detail and enhance accuracy in reporting district financial data for reporting to USDE and US Census Bureau.

The links provided below are for the federal regulations that are driving the changes related to ESSA:

New Financial Coding Structure Effective for 2018/19 School Fiscal Year

Beginning with the 2018/19 school fiscal year, districts and ESUs must use the new coding structure for all district/ESU financial transactions or “crosswalk” their financial data into the new coding structures.  The 2018/19 Annual Financial Report Upload System will only accept district submissions using this new coding structure.

Transitioning to this updated and expanded financial coding system will be a challenge for districts and NDE but this change is a necessary step in improving financial data for reporting and research purposes.  The following links provide detailed information related to this project:

Federal Account Codes Manual

ESSA File Upload Testing Website

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If you have questions about this new system of coding, please contact Bill Biven, Janice Eret, or Bryce Wilson.

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