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Lincoln Housing Authority

Lincoln Housing Authority grantLincoln Housing Authority received a $12,080 grant.

Arnold Elementary School

Beyond School Bells, The Career Academy, Duncan Aviation, Kawasaki, Knowledge Management Council, Prosper Lincoln

Project Focus Areas
Career awareness and job skills development

Project Overview
The purpose of this project was to provide a Junior Jobs Club for students in grades 3-5. The club met two days per week with lessons from the So you want to be a… career curriculum followed by supplemental Makerspace activities focused on job skills. A major high point for this project was the connections to the community. Multiple field trips each semester took students to a variety of businesses where they were able to see careers in real life. Students toured The Career Academy and learned about career pathways directly from the high school students. Another component of the club was the hands-on Makerspaces activities where students intentionally practiced job skills, like teamwork and communication. These job skills were tied back to careers they were able to see in action on field trips. For example, students used Ozobots to create code pathways that the Ozobots followed on paper during the Makerspace activity. This technology was seen in real life as students toured the Kawasaki plant  and saw machines following yellow lines on the floor to get materials to various production lines.

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