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Lincoln CLC/Lincoln Community Foundation

Lincoln CLC/Lincoln Community FoundationLincoln CLC/Lincoln Community Foundation received a $22,140 grant.

Belmont Elementary School, West Lincoln Elementary School, Goodrich Middle School

Belmont Community Learning Center, Family Service, Goodrich Community Learning Center, Lincoln Community Foundation, Lincoln Parks and Recreation, Lincoln Public Schools, West Lincoln Community Learning Center

Project Focus Areas
Engineering design, problem-solving, invention through Makerspace, applying problem-solving to address real world issues that affect our community, increasing family engagement in their child’s learning

Project Overview
Students enrolled in a Makerspace Afterschool Club spent half the year engaged in a variety of challenges designed to develop problem-solving skills. The second half of the year students identified real issues that impact our community. Students selected one issue to address through project-based learning. Projects included developing bat habitats and erecting them around Lincoln to house one of the endangered species of bats,, homeless people in Lincoln, littering in local parks and cars speeding in the Belmont neighborhood. Student groups presented their final projects to parents, community members and elected officials and implemented their projects. Clubs were so popular that two of the sites added additional Makerspace Clubs to accommodate the waiting lists to participate.

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