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Crete Public Schools

Crete Public Schools grantCrete Public Schools received a $30,000 grant.

Crete Intermediate School, Crete Middle School

Grow with the Flow, Nebraska Extension, Spring Creek Prairie, Timberlake Ranch, Wessels Living History Farm

Project Focus Areas
Social studies, language and recreation

Project Overview
Through a partnership with Grow with the Flow, a local aquaponic horticulture business, Crete Middle School students worked with experts to renovate an existing greenhouse and build an aquaponic system inside the structure. The system was maintained by the students and resulted in fresh lettuce and other vegetables that could be consumed. Students also built indoor tower gardens, growing and harvesting vegetables throughout the school year when outdoor gardening opportunities were not available. This project also included a component where students were able to experience environments that may not normally have been available to them due to cost, distance or time. Virtual Reality goggles were used to take students on virtual field trips to explore ancient civilizations and observe events and celebrations in other cultures around the world. This project enhanced learning from the school day classroom and increased the vocabulary of some English learners who combined these visuals with words.

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