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Collective for Youth (Omaha)

Collective for Youth (Omaha) grantCollective for Youth received two separate grant awards for a total of $51,575.

Bancroft Elementary School, Belvedere Elementary School, Castelar Elementary School, Central Park Elementary School, Franklin Elementary School, Gilder Elementary School, Hartman Elementary School, Highland Elementary School, Howard Kennedy Elementary School, King Elementary School, Liberty Elementary School, Lothrop Elementary School, Miller Park Elementary School, Sherman Elementary School, King Science, Lewis and Clark Middle School, Monroe Middle School

Expand-Ed Schools, Infinite 8, Museum of Contemporary Arts, SAC Museum, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Why Arts

Project Focus Areas
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Project Overview
In collaboration with partners, participating afterschool sites offered STEM programming each semester of this grant. Engineering is Elementary and Engineering is Everywhere, which is a STEM curriculum designed to help elevate students’ interest and understanding of engineering, was offered at all elementary and middle school sites. The Engineering is Everywhere kits have a guided lesson plan book and all materials for each lesson. Materials are replenishable, therefore the students were able to do the lesson multiple times and continue to increase their knowledge of engineering. Training in social emotional learning was provided for program staff to learn how to infuse SEL skill building within their program offerings. In 2017-18 four trainings (tower gardening, storytelling, reclaimed art and engineering is elementary) were provided to 86 staff members who then received resource kits to execute the programming at their sites. In 2018-19 four additional trainings (drones, print making, social emotional learning and programming spheros) were provided to 110 staff members who then implemented using the resource kits provided.

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