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Police Athletics for Community Engagement – Omaha

Police Athletics for Community Engagement flyer

The Police Athletics for Community Engagement (PACE Omaha) 21st Century Community Learning Centers project was designed after our mission statement to promote police community relations. We were fortunate to have the Completely Kids organization, the Omaha Police, Marrs Middle School and Norris Middle School as our operations partners.  The PACE Omaha program incorporated the education component offered by Completely Kids and the athletics component two days a week per school offered by PACE to create a learning and physical fitness experience for the youth. PACE also incorporated lectures from 10 police officers and gang specialists as part of our 8 week curriculum each semester to reinforce our message of making positive life choices for self-betterment. We used our “Identity Project” theme to Image - Police Athletics for Community Engagementpromote positive relationships with other students, instructors and guest speakers.  This was capped-off by a sports field trip to Campos Memorial Soccer Complex via bus where students could display the talents they learned in a friendly soccer match between Marrs and Norris Schools. The youth were also treated to a celebratory meal after the event along with soccer uniforms and equipment supplied by the NDE grant and PACE Omaha.

Primary project partners include:

  • Completely Kids Organization, 2566 St. Mary’s Avenue, Omaha
  • Collective for Youth, 105 North 31st Avenue, Omaha
  • The Omaha Police Department, 505 South 15th Street, Omaha
  • Marrs Middle School 5619 South, 19th Street, Omaha
  • Norris Middle School 2235 South, 46th Street, Omaha

Image - Police Athletics for Community Engagement


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