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O’Neill Public Schools

O'Neill PS flyerGrowing O’Neill

The O’Neill afterschool program utilized ELO grant funds to put in a garden and help purchase a greenhouse. We completed various projects throughout the winter months since we couldn’t be in the garden during this time. We had a volunteer come in and help us make butterfly houses for the garden where butterflies will make their cocoons. We incubated and hatched baby chicks and talked about eggs and their uses. We also have a worm farm which will eventually go into our outdoor garden and are learning about worm castings and how they help our vegetables grow.  We visited the O’Neill Health and Rehab Center each month and talked with residents about how they grew gardens during their childhood and even played vegetable bingo with them. Our greenhouse is almost finished and we have many plants to start growing over the winter. We will start tomatoes in our greenhouse and various other vegetables. The high school FFA students visited and taught us the life cycle of a plant and helped plant vegetables. The boy scouts and girl scouts will help us water and weed the garden. 

Image - O'Neill PS - Growing O'Neill

Primary project partners include:

  • Farm Bureau Foundation
  • Lions Club
  • Ministerial Association
  • FFA
  • FFA Boosters
  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts
  • Holt County Extension Office
  • J & H Greenhouse
  • Shamrock Nursery
  • O’Neill Health and Rehab Center
  • Evergreen Assisted Living
  • North Park Homes
  • Mobile Food Pantry
  • Lunch Time Solutions
  • Upper Elkhorn Natural Resources
  • Ladies Auxiliary of Fraternal Order of Eagles

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