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Garden County Schools

Garden County Schools flyerSTEM Club

This ELO project focused on the development of a STEM Club for students in grades K-2 and 3-5. Both age groups learned how to use technology for the purpose of photography and editing, as well as recording videos about themselves and their rockets, including the launch. Students built Estes rockets with variable designs in fin structure, self-selected their engines, and launched outside. The robot unit encompassed Dot and Dash robots in which primary students “trained” their robots using predesigned programs and iPads in groups of three. At the end of the unit, many students were actually programming their robots’ movement using simple coding programs. The older students built E-Z robots, then coded sophisticated robot movements to perform various challenges in an obstacle course setting. They shared their robots with parents, at the local senior centers, and care facility.

Garden County Schools - CHAMPSPrimary project partners include:

  • UNL Extension
  • Volunteers of American Western NE nonprofit
  • Garden County Schools and Ministerial Association
  • TeamMates mentors
  • Turner Board

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