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Appendix G – Emerging Goals Worksheet

This worksheet will help you identify the goal areas that are emerging from the four data sets you have collected. Two examples are completed for you.


Profile data


Is this a strength?


Is this a challenge?


Why is this important to our school or district?

On a scale from 1-5 (1 highest, 5 lowest) how important is it?

Reading performance of  our 3rd grade low-SES students is below proficient




Performance of any sub-group affects overall performance of our school.

Our 3rd grade students who are not low-SES are proficient on NeSA reading.



20% of our Hispanic students participate in the student leadership club




Many of our Hispanic students also are from low-SES families.

We want all students to participate in the student leadership club. We need to look at how many students from all subgroups are participating in the club.





























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