High Plains Community Schools Presentation

Administration and a student from High Plains Community Schools presented to the board on their work in the community and the innovations in their district.  Although they are a small district, every student has access to their own computer and schools offer expanded technology such as 3D printing. The community is also key to the success in the district with several community led projects that incorporate students, families, and the community as a whole.

In light of recent events the superintendent also updated the board on the safety and security measures taken every day at each school in the district including secure entrances and safety drills.


NDE staff and school administrators presented an update on the Safe2HelpNE reporting system. The program is an anonymous reporting system for any and all safety concerns with schools.  Students can reach out by phone, app, or website and is staffed 24 hours a day. More that 89% of school violence had one or more warning signs before the incident.  Safe2HelpNE has a goal to respond to those warning signs.  The program has received 1300 reports since 2020 including reports of threats and weapons. The program started in Omaha and has been statewide for all districts since Fall 2021.

Safe2HelpNE Information

School Safety and Security Reporting System Act Funding

NDE has established the Safe2HelpNE report line as a statewide anonymous reporting system to support threat assessment teams and reduce potential risks and incidents of violence. Boys Town, USA serves as the communications center.  The communications center is to be functional 24/7/365 with trained crisis counselors receiving reports and notifying school district threat assessment teams of the details of the reports. This reporting system supports public and nonpublic K-12 school threat assessment teams, the intent of which is to reduce risk and incidents of targeted violence including harm to self, others, or school property.

Safe2HelpNE Contract

T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Scholarship Program

The TEACH Early Childhood® is a scholarship program for low-income professionals working in early childhood education and care programs who want to continue their education. T.E.A.C.H. stands for Teacher Education and Compensation Helps. This $100,000 will support T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood scholarships, mentoring and assistance to nontraditional scholars to improve their success.

TEACH Early Childhood Scholarships

Schuyler Central High School Removed from Priority School Designation

The NDE is recommending the removal of Schuyler Central High School from Priority School status based on progress made over the past three years as outlined in their Priority School Progress Plan.

Schuyler Priority School Presentation

Priority Schools Support Contracts

The State Board is required to designate no less than three Priority Schools. As part of the supports provided by the NDE, external consultants have been contracted to provide intensive supports for Priority Schools based on school needs, including diagnostic reviews, on-site observation and coaching with administrators, school improvement planning and implementation of Progress Plans, partnership, and skill-building with NDE staff, and off-site support and follow-up.
The NDE has deployed a Request for Proposal seeking bids on these contracts, which may include work in all or one Priority School(s). The proposal also includes flexibility to add additional Priority Schools to be served by this/these consultants.