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School District of Columbus Foundation, Inc.

Columbus DataSchool District of Columbus Foundation, Inc. received a $55,039 grant. Including the 1:1 match, this initiative represents an investment of $110,078.

Columbus Middle School 5 – 8
Centennial Elementary K – 4
Emerson Elementary K – 4
Lost Creek Elementary K – 4
North Park Elementary K – 4
West Park Elementary K – 4

Trinity Church
Columbus Hy-Vee
Future Kids
Blazer Manufacturing

Project Focus Areas
Physical and Nutritional Health

Project Overview
One of our goals is to increase physical movement by providing opportunities such as soccer, conditioning and various gym activities that will focus on agility, balancing and hand/eye coordination. Our other goal is to improve the nutritional health of our students by providing activities and clubs that focus on healthy snacks and well-balanced meals.

Columbus grouping

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