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Ogallala Public Schools

Ogallala Public Schools

Ogallala Public Schools received a $10,000 grant. Including the 1:1 match, this initiative represents an investment of $20,000.

Kids Oasis, Prairie View School

Community Groups = Community for Kids (C4K) Keith County Nebraska Children and Families Foundation; Big Mac Kiwanis, and Ogallala Friends of the Library.

Project Focus Areas
Family Involvement

Project Overview
Enthusiastic reading teachers will read to students during the 21stCCLC Afterschool Program. Books will include new books, rhyming books, fiction, nonfiction, Caldecott winners, and poetry. Readers will read outside, inside, in reading rockers, in classrooms, and everywhere! Each month, students will select 5-10 books from community-donated books for their home library. Families will be encouraged to read together at home to help increase reading skills. When they read for 25 days for 20 minutes, they will receive a Book Storage box. Family Reading Events will be held and include read aloud tips, book ideas, free books, and reading activities.

READING RENDEZVOUS – Parent Information (Begins March 23, 2023)

Ogallala PS Group Picture

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