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Kearney Public Schools – Outdoor Education

Kearney PS - Outdoor EducationKearney Public Schools – Outdoor Education received a $61,107 grant. Including the 1:1 match, this initiative represents an investment of $122,214.

Bryant Elementary School
Central Elementary School
Emerson Elementary School
Northeast Elementary School
Sunrise Elementary School

University of Nebraska, Buffalo County Extension (Extension)
Iain Nicolson Audubon Center at Rowe Sanctuary (Rowe)
Kearney Park and Recreation Department (KPR)

Project Focus Areas
Environmental Education and Outdoor Education

Project Overview
The outdoor learning experiences in this project will enhance learning opportunities for KCLC students:
Bird/Insect Watching, Rowe– Observing animals and habitat along the Platte River, and discovering about the prairie ecosystem, students will receive additional education about the environment surrounding them and the interdependence of conservation and use to advance the habitat and wildlife welfare.
Horticulture Club– Students’ exposure to the importance of plants as a source of food, industrial uses, art, and pleasure is limited as many students have had little exposure through gardening or landscaping. This project will expose students to plants’ care, feeding, and harvesting through hands-on activities with KPR staff presenting the programming and providing supplies/materials necessary for the club.
Archery Club– As part of the 4-H curriculum on archery, KCLC Northeast students will learn about the sport/history of archery, the discipline needed to become a good archer, safety, proper shooting techniques, and natural resources (tracks, species identification, wildlife management) that hunters use. Many KCLC students have little exposure to the outdoors–especially wildlife and hunting techniques and safety.
Fishing Club– As part of the 4-H curriculum on fishing, summer KCLC students will learn about the history of fishing, the discipline needed to be a successful fisherman/woman, fishing techniques, bait/lures, lake/river ecosystems, fishing etiquette, and state fishing laws/regulations.
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