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GetConnected Nebraska Afterschool | Workshop III | 1:00-2:00

Creating a Professional Development Plan for your Program
Sustaining quality OST programs is a full-time effort and incorporates all parts of what you do from the health and safety of youth in your program to providing engaging and meaningful experiences and selecting and training high quality staff. This workshop for program leaders focuses on planning and professional development for quality programs. You will learn strategies for building a culture of quality, and be prepared to use free resources from designed to sustain quality OST programming through building skills and confidence in staff. Research has shown that OST staff that receive high quality professional development are more satisfied with their job and have a higher retention rate.
Presenter: Saundra Frerichs, Click2SciencePD

Click2SciencePD Model
Planning Professional Development
C2S Research Snapshot

Creating an Afterschool Millionaire’s Club
Get students excited about saving and investing. Join me and engage in several hands on personal finance activities. All participants will be provided with ready to implement lessons and activities.
Presenters: Jennifer Davidson and Becky Barnard, Nebraska Council on Economic Education

Financial Book List for Parents
Personal Finance Printables Sample

Creating an Inclusive Classroom Environment
Participants share their experiences as students, exploring different ways people are made to feel “included” in and “excluded” in a classroom environment. We will then explore the value of intentional inclusion and what that means in fostering diversity. Participants will examine the nuances between an Upstander and an Ally and discuss the importance of implicit and explicit language and actions in creating inclusive spaces.
Presenters: Robbie Summers, Inclusive Communities

Developing Local Partnerships & Program Sustainability
Session participants will explore resources for mapping their current and potential local partnerships, including both traditional and non-traditional partners. You will also consider steps you can take towards developing a program sustainability plan.
Presenter: Jennifer Jones and Anna Wishart, Beyond School Bells

Full Day Programming with Partners: Real World NE Examples
NPPSD Kids Klub Afterschool program has revolutionized their full day programming by incorporating outside partnerships.  We will explain this evolution, showcase many examples you can use, and demonstrate how this change greatly improved the program in multiple, concrete ways.
Presenters: Carrie Lienemann and Melanie OBrien, NPPS Kids Klub Afterschool Program

Hello World: Using technology to connect students with outdoor growing spaces
Please bring your laptop to this interactive session! We will code a $15 micro:bit computer to create environmental sensors for use in outdoor learning spaces such as school gardens. Garden-based STEM lessons will be provided to support afterschool staff in leading outdoor science and engineering investigations.
Presenters: Erin Ingram and  Miranda Earnest, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Science Literacy Initiative

Hello World: Using technology to connect students with outdoor growing spaces
Garden TOOLS Handout
Garden Tools Lesson

STEAM Clothing – Connecting to Careers in Fashion Design & Textile Science
Combine sewing and science with the STEAM Clothing curriculum! This curriculum teaches youth the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math involved in textile careers. There are three levels in the curriculum series, and a Maker’s Guide. Attend this training to discover opportunities for utilizing this curriculum in your afterschool program.
Presenters: Jacie Milius and Megan Burda, Nebraska Extension

Successful Behavior Management Strategies to Prevent Challenging Behavior (repeat from 9:30-10:30)
This session focuses on addressing pervasive and persistent challenging behavior through prevention. Why is it that a child’s problem behaviors continue, or even escalate, regardless of how we respond or what we do? It’s a trap we fall into all too often, and a hamster wheel we get stuck on; Problem – Punish – Forgive – Problem – Punish – Forgive, over and over again. Come learn new strategies for escaping the hamster wheel and addressing problem behaviors from a different angle.
Presenter: Carrie Gottschalk, Nebraska Extension

Supporting Students with Mental Illness or Traumatic Experiences
Participants will learn the most common mental illnesses diagnosed in school aged children. Additionally, the most likely behavioral issues students with these mental illnesses are likely to present will be discussed. The impacts of experiencing traumatic events in childhood will also be introduced.
Presenter: Paul Kraus, Educational Service Unit 6

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