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GetConnected Nebraska Afterschool | Workshop II | 10:45-11:45

Children Love ART! Learn About Creative Resources & Try Easy Fun, Art Activities
Learning by doing and success-driven creative activities develop natural curiosity, motivates thinking, self-expression, confidence to experiment and the courage to try new things. Participants will learn about various creative resources and experiment with innovative art activities that kids will love to try and ultimately foster creativity during a most eager time of learning.
Presenter: Liz Shea-McCoy, Nebraska Arts Council

Developing the 40 Developmental Assets in Students Afterschool
Quality afterschool programs develop assets in the students they serve. During this session, participants will explore the 40 Developmental Assets and understand their importance in helping young people grow up healthy, caring, and responsible. They will also identify areas where they can increase capacity in their programs for asset building.
Presenter: Ellen Miller, Crete Elementary Public Schools

Developing the 40 Developmental Assets in Students After School
40 Developmental Assets for Early Childhood (ages 3 to 5)
40 Developmental Assets for Children Grades K-3 (ages 5-9)
40 Developmental Assets for Middle Childhood (ages 8-12)
40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents (ages 12-18)

From Awareness to Action
This will be a session that includes statistics about LGBTQ students including their families. Specific research regarding support, interventions, and best practices will be provided. During this session attendees will go through case studies to discuss how to address tough scenarios and will have the opportunity to assess their environments for inclusive practices.
Presenters: Samantha Carwyn, GLSEN Omaha

Growing Up WILD: Engaging Children in Nature Part 2 (must participate in both parts 1 & 2)
Session participants will be trained in the Growing Up WILD curriculum and activity guide which is filled with hands-on, interdisciplinary lessons for engaging students in science and nature. All participants will receive a copy of the Growing Up WILD guide as well as a flow-chart for using the guide to do an 8 or 16 week club. This session is best for elementary (K-5) programs. This session is two hours long, participants must attend the entire workshop to receive materials.
Presenter:  Monica Macoubrie, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Introduction of Advanced STEM-related Topics to Youth via the NE STEM 4U Program
Focus is placed on the techniques used to effectively introduce youth students to STEM. These techniques are data based on experiences with local Omaha elementary/middle school students.
Presenters: Nik Stevenson and Bejan Mahmud, NE STEM 4U Program

Leveraging Data and Insights to Drive Program Quality and Support Better Outcomes for Young People
Participants will learn how one community built a system and processes that allowed for data and insights to be gathered and utilized in order to drive program quality and improve the experience the young people had in programs. Examples will be shared for programs in various stages.
Presenters: Anne Herman, AVA Insights and Noni Williams, United Way of the Midlands

 Leveraging Data and Insights to Drive Program Quality and Support Better Outcomes for Young People
Tools We Can All Use

Program Assessment and Improvement
This workshop focuses on helping staff improve through one-on-one consultation. The Quality Coaching method is based on the three main concepts of respect, observe, and support. The idea is to maximize productivity in the consultant/manager-staff relationship by starting with a foundation of respect, taking time to observe staff at the point of service and then supporting staff to develop professionally.The participants can include anyone who will lead or participate in a program self assessment, and may include program staff, funders, and other stakeholders. There is some time dedicated to discussing how the instrument fits into local systems, but the bulk of the workshop is focused on hands-on learning. I will be using current program video clips to discuss program.
Presenter: Gwyn Williams, Collective for Youth

Quality Lesson Planning 101
As a group, we will investigate what components should be included in a quality lesson plan. Participants will leave with a plan for a professional development session about quality lesson planning which can be shared with others at their site.
Presenter: Kristi Chambers, YMCA of Lincoln

TMC Labs: Mobile Maker Lab
Come learn about Beyond School Bells Think Make Create Labs, now active in 13 Nebraska communities, and more on the way!  Learn about the needs they were designed to meet, their spread across the state and opportunities for future expansion – including YOUR community!
Presenter: Jeff Cole, Beyond School Bells

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