Mar. 10, 2008


Nebraska’s Brain Injury Network is encouraging individuals and their families to reach out for assistance by contacting a local group and by attending a statewide conference in April.

The Brain Injury Network is working to increase awareness about brain injury during March Awareness Month. Information about Nebraska’s 10 support groups located across the state is available at or by calling toll-free 800.742.7594. Local support groups meet monthly.

In Nebraska, 10,360 children and young people are brain injury survivors and 17 percent of the state’s residents have been affected either by an injury to themselves or to a family member or friend. Motor vehicle accidents are the major cause of injured people age 15-44. Other causes of brain injury include tumors, strokes, infections and Shaken Baby Syndrome.   

The Nebraska Brain Injury Network will hold a statewide conference addressing brain injury issues related to veterans and other individuals. The conference – Rebuilding Lives in Nebraska – will be held April 24-25 at the Midtown Holiday Inn, 2503 S. Locust, Grand Island. The registration deadline is April 10. Highlights of the conference include:

For information about events as well as information related to brain injury, contact the Brain Injury Network at 800.742.7594 or at