Feb. 21, 2008


Nebraska’s initiative to build entrepreneur-friendly communities will be the focus of a Feb. 28 broadcast available on the Internet.

Nebraska is one of five states that will be featured in broadcasts sponsored by the Cisco Entrepreneur Institute, in collaboration with the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education. The broadcasts will air Feb. 25-Feb 29 as part of a five-day event during National Entrepreneurship Week. 

The Nebraska broadcasts will originate from the University of Nebraska East Campus and may be accessed from any computer with internet access at www.NationalEweek.com/summit.  Viewers may log in and out at their convenience to view the programs of interest to them.  The programs will also be archived for later access after National Entrepreneurship Week. 

The Nebraska broadcast segments will focus on how to build entrepreneur-friendly communities through collaborative efforts with K-12 schools, colleges, non-profit groups, community organizations and others. The broadcasts will highlight success stories about individuals, provide information on how to create entrepreneur-friendly communities and showcase the collaborative efforts of the Nebraska Entrepreneurship Task Force (NET-Force), FutureForce Career Pathway Initiatives, Nebraska 4-H and Hometown Competitiveness.   

Live segments and prerecorded video featuring Nebraska educators, state and national leaders as well as entrepreneurship education advocates will air Feb. 28th, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., at www.NationalEweek.com/summit.

The broadcast schedule for events originating from Nebraska on Feb. 28th is available at http://www.nde.state.us/entreped.

For information and the latest updates about National Entrepreneurship Week, Feb. 23 – March
1, visit www.nationaleweek.com.