GMS Contact List

For all GMS questions, please contact the NDE Help Desk:

Ginny Carter, Denise Schuyler or Philip Deevy

(402) 471-3151  or

Toll Free at: (888) 285-0556

For questions about District, Attendance Center (building) data, consortia and functionality problems in the GMS:

Cathy Von Kaenel (402) 471-2482 or

For questions about Payments, Financial Reports and Closeouts:

Lori Adams (402) 471-2637 or – (Special Education)

Harlan Feather (402) 471-4340 or – (Career and Technical Education) 

Missy Jochum (402) 471-3571 or – (Special Education)

Linda Kamble (402) 471-4502 or – (Title IIA)

Nancy Lorenz (402) 471-4521 or – (Special Education)

Janice Paling (402) 471-3672  or – (Title IA/Title ID/Title I Accountability/School Improvement Grants)

Shane Rhian (402) 471-4313 or – (Early Childhood/Title IC Migrant/McKinney-Vento)

Ron Theasmeyer (402) 471-4526 or – (Title IIA/Title III)

Barb Von Kampen (402) 471-4343 or – (Special Education/Title IA/Title I Accountability)

For question regarding ESSA Consolidated Applications/Amendments:

Randy McIntyre (402-471-1749) or  (ESU #01 & ESU #18)

Pat Frost (402-471-2478) or  (ESU #02 & ESU #07)

Brad Conner (402-471-24440 or  (ESU #03, ESU #13 & ESU #17)

Brooke David (402-471-2451) or  (ESU #04)

Pat Frost (402-471-2478) or   (ESU #07)

Karen Hardin (402-471-2968) or  (ESU #08 & ESU #15)

Cathy Mohnike (402-471-1419 or  (ESU #09 , ESU #10 & ESU #16)

Jan Handa (402-471-0876) or  (ESU #11)

Beth Wooster (402-471-2452) or  (ESU #03 & ESU #19)

For program questions regarding:

Early Childhood Endowment (Sixpence) Grant:

Amy Bornemeier (402) 817-2018 or

Early Childhood State Grant:

Kristine Luebbe (402) 471-1860 or

Melody Hobson (402) 471-0263 or

LEP/Poverty Plans:

Aprille Phillips (402) 471-5028 or

LEP/Poverty Plans: (Financial):

Tom Goeschel (402) 471-3570 or

McKinney–Vento Homeless Education Competitive Grant:

Cathy Mohnike (402) 471-1419 or

Perkins Secondary and Post Secondary Grant:
Perkins reVISION Action Grant:
Perkins reVISION Initial Grant:

Rich Katt (402) 471-4808 or

Krystl Knabe (402) 471-0015 or

Katie Graham (402) 471-3104 or

Teri Sloup (402) 471-4809 or

Rural Education Achievement Programs (REAP):

Brad Conner (402) 471-2741 or

Special Education Planning Region Team (PRT) Grant:

Cole Johnson (402) 471-4318 or

Special Education IDEA Consolidated Grant:

Suzie Pierce (402) 471-4333 or

John Marcucci (402) 595-1639 or

Greg Prochazka (402-471-4314) or

Special Education Secondary Transition Innovative Competitive Grant:

Amy Rhone (402) 471-4323 or

Suzie Pierce (402) 471-4333 or

Title I, Part A and Title I Accountability Funds-School Improvement:

Diane Stuehmer (402) 471-1740 or

Pat Frost (402) 471-2478 or

Karen Hardin (402) 471-2968 or

Randy McIntyre (402) 471-1749 or

Cathy Mohnike (402) 471-1419 or

Beth Wooster (402) 471-2452 or

Title I, Part C – Migrant Education:

Sue Henry (402) 471-3440 or

Title I, Part D – Neglected or Delinquent and Title I, Part A:

Pat Frost (402) 471-2478 or

Title II, Part A – Supporting Effective Instruction:

Karen Hardin (402) 471-2968 or

Title III – Language Acquisition and Immigrant Education:

Terri Schuster (402) 471-4694 or

Brooke David (402) 471-2451 or

Grants Management System

 Users who are tasked with the management/oversight of their agency’s grant applications and missed one of our District Administrator GMS Security Webinars can find resources below.


Grants Management System (GMS) Description and Purpose

The GMS is a web-based system used by the Department for processing various grants and plans. The system supports application submissions, amendments, and approval as well as the issuance of grant award notifications. The system also supports the processing of payments against grant awards through reimbursement requests.
Its purposes are to provide:

  1. districts an easy to use mechanism with a common look and feel originating from various sources
  2. quick response time between the Department and districts
  3. real time financial representation.

A majority of grants continue to be placed on the GMS which has become the principal method for processing Department issued grants.

GMS Access

Beginning Tuesday, April 26th, users will access the Grants Management System (GMS) through the GMS Login Page. Consequently, GMS will no longer be part of the NDE Portal system of tools.

Users who previously had access to GMS will need to set a password when logging in the first time using the following steps:

1. Type your email address in the Username/Email text box
2. Click “Forgot | Change”
3. Follow the directions found in the pop-up window

Users who have NEVER had access to GMS will need to request access from the agency’s district administrator using the following:

1. Click “New User
2. Type in the name of the agency you wish to be associated with and click the SEARCH button
3. From the drop down list, select the appropriate agency and click the SELECT ORG button (the New User window should display the administrator for the agency selected)
4. Click the REQUEST button
5. Complete the New User Request and click the SUBMIT button
6. The administrator will need to accept the New User Request and assign the appropriate user role before a new user will be able to access the agency’s grant information

Below are resources to provide additional assistance to users in accessing the new GMS environment.

Users who are tasked with the management/oversight of their agency’s grant process can utilize the resources below to provide additional assistance with regard to managing the user access for their agency.

GMS Training/Instructions

NDE State and Federal Grant Management Requirements and Guidance

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