New Agenda and Committee Structure for 2020

The board has restructured committee meetings and board work sessions to become more efficient and productive. The Thursday work sessions will become more flexible with the times determined month-to-month as necessary and will no longer be broadcast live. This change allows for more time in committee meetings. There is no change to regular board business meetings, usually held on Fridays.

State Board of Education Committees

Board Weighs in on Legislative Proposals

The State Board of Education took stances on a number of education-related bills proposed by the Nebraska Legislature. There are 11 bills from the 2019 session carried over to this session. Last year board members voted to oppose two, and support nine, of those bills. This year the board voted to oppose three bills and support 16 bills introduced in the Education Committee.

Board Positions on Carryover Bills

Board Positions on 2020 Bills

Board Members Set 2020 Priorities

Board President Maureen Nickels announced the 2020 board priorities.  Individual members submitted their priorities to the president who then chose three policy priority areas for the year. These priorities will guide the development of agendas and policy throughout 2020. This year’s priority areas are AQuESTT, Early Childhood Education, and Educator Preparation and Certification.

2020 Board Policy Priorities