Program Benefits

Step Up to Quality programs have special access to support and resources that improve quality.

Coaching. You won’t be on this journey alone! Step Up to Quality coaches are provided free of charge to help programs of all types, big or small, create individualized goals and action plans. Your coach will help you identify and maximize your strengths and guide you along your path to quality improvement.

Professional development and training. Access a variety of professional development and networking opportunities, at little to no cost.

Child Care Subsidy reimbursement. If your program receives child care subsidies, you may receive an increase to your subsidy rates once you reach Steps 3-5. You may receive an increase of 5 percent once you move up to Step 3 and an additional 5 percent for each additional step achieved. If your program enters at Step 3, you will not receive an increase until you reach Step 4.

Become an approved MCCYN-PLUS Provider in Nebraska. Nebraska childcare providers who continuously meet quality rating and improvement standards are now eligible to receive fee assistance following the expansion of a federal childcare assistance program operated by the U.S. Department of Defense, Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood-PLUS (MCCYN-PLUS). Learn more about the standards for becoming an approved MCCYN-PLUS provider in Nebraska.

Incentive bonuses. You’ll receive your first incentive bonus when you move up a step for the first time. Use incentive bonuses to pay for program materials like books, toys or professional development opportunities.

Child Care Centers Family Child Care Homes
Step 2 $500 $250
Step 3 $750 $400
Step 4 $1,000 $500
Step 5 $1,250 $600

Financial support and grants. Your Step Up to Quality coach can provide resources and information to help you access additional support and funding via Step Up to Quality partners.

Participating in Step Up to Quality helps us prove or share our level of quality with families. We feel like we do a stand-up job – but having the credentials to validate our work is a huge benefit of the program.”

— Center director, Step 4, Lincoln