Introducing Step Up to Quality 2.0

After months of research that included getting input from more than 40 early childcare education professionals from across the state, we are ready to share our learnings and the resulting improvements we are proposing to the Step Up to Quality process.

Why Change?

After 6 years, it was time to take a look at all aspects of our program to make sure we’re operating in the most fair, efficient and appropriate way possible. Early childhood education as a field continues to evolve – and so will we.

What is Changing?

The core of Step Up to Quality will remain the same, and we are committed to ensuring the process is as fair and timely as it can be. After hearing from experts across the state and listening to providers who have gone through our process over the last 6 years, we knew we could make some improvements.

Download the Step Up to Quality Revisions Guide to review the proposed improvements.

Revisions Feedback

We felt strongly that we needed to listen to the feedback from those who will be implementing the improvements. The recommendations from the revisions team were taken and presented in three live webinars in March and April of this year. Providers were able to gain insight and offer their feedback on the proposed Step Up to Quality 2.0 improvements.

Nearly 300 participants registered for these feedback opportunities. A recording was posted on the Step Up to Quality website for those unable to attend the webinars. A survey was made available to collect additional feedback regarding the proposed Step Up to Quality 2.0 Revisions, and 120 completed surveys were returned.

Download the Revisions Feedback flyer to learn more about the key insights from the feedback we received.

Next Steps

Next steps will include analyzing the feedback and making necessary changes to the website, program resources and translating materials. The projected launch of Step Up to Quality 2.0 will be in 2022. Stay tuned — more info on Step Up to Quality revisions will be coming soon!