What is Step Up to Quality 2.0?

Step Up to Quality 2.0 is the product of a thorough review of the 5 Steps of our program’s process. A committee of early childhood education professionals guided this process, which included gathering feedback from three webinars (with a total of nearly 300 participants) and 120 survey responses. The proposed changes as outlined in the Revisions Guide have been reviewed and approved by the collective Step Up to Quality steering committee who represent both Nebraska Department of Education and Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

Why change?

Step Up to Quality launched as Nebraska’s QRIS in July 2014. Since then, more than 700 providers have enrolled, thousands of early childhood education professionals have been trained and tens of thousands of young children across the state have benefited from growing in high-quality learning environments.

One of Step Up to Quality’s values is continuous quality improvement, and we apply that principle to our own team, too. A lot has changed in the early childhood education field since 2014, and we want to be the best we can be for the providers in our program.

In addition, revising our processes was a goal identified within the PDG Grant.

What is the rollout timeline?


Earlier Coaching [Launched in July]

We’re excited to introduce quality foundations coaching! Enrolled providers can now begin working with a Step Up to Quality coach once they achieve Step 1 (or enter at Step 3). This coaching will be in the form of 6 weekly virtual meetings where providers will join together to learn about high-quality practices, gain motivation, prepare for one-on-one coaching and build a network of support across the state — all while having fun!

Learn more about quality foundations coaching & join a cohort.

Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale-3 (FCCERS-3) [Launched in October]

The Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale-3 (FCCERS-3) will be used for ratings beginning on October 1, 2022.

Introduction to FCCERS-3 training is available — visit necprs.ne.gov/training-public to find & register for this training.

Step 2 Changes [Launched in October]

Beginning October 5th, the training requirements for Step 2 will be reduced! The new training requirements for Step 2 are:

  • Director/Step Up to Quality designee has completed at least 4 Early Learning Guidelines (ELG) Domains (24 hours)
    Nebraska’s Early Learning Connection regions are offering $15 ELGs to anyone working in a Step Up to Quality participating program. Contact your local Early Learning Connection Coordinator to learn how you can receive a 50% reduction in registration fees for all ELG training.
    The 20-minute Go NAPSACC orientation video is no longer required for Step 2 (beginning in June).
  • Special Care training (3 hours)
    Find & register for this training
  • Introductory observation tool training (4 hours)
      • Family child care providers can choose between Introduction to the Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale (FCCERS-3) and Introduction to the Toddler CLASS
      • Child care centers, public schools and preschools can choose between Introduction to the Environment Rating Scales: ITERS-3/ECERS-3 and any Introduction to CLASS training

Find & register for these trainings


Launching February 1, 2023…Step Up to Quality 2.0!

An important notice about preparing for these updates:
Making these changes requires significant updates within our internal systems, so Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2022 will be the last day for programs to submit for a Step 3-5 rating under the current process. We will then be pausing ratings to update our systems, and will once again accept Rating Request Forms (the new ones!) on Feb. 1, 2023. See below for more details.

Improvements you can expect:

Get the new Program Guide to learn more!