Promote Your Participation

Step Up to Quality Toolkit

Congratulations! Your Step Up to Quality rating is a big achievement of which you should be very proud. We know you were already doing a remarkable job with young children and families before this recognition – but Step Up to Quality can help you demonstrate your commitment to your parents and community.

To help you share your big accomplishment with the community, we’ve developed some tools to help you promote your quality-rated status. Feel free to use any or all of the following in your own communications materials.

Stepping Into Quality Digital Downloads

Participating providers receive a copy of our children’s book, Stepping Into Quality, to read with children on their first day of child care. Use the templates below to create fun and easy graphics that you can share on social media to mark the occasion!

Template Instructions

  1. Open template in Canva
  2. On the left panel, click on the uploads tab and upload the image you’d like to see in the frame.
  3. Drag the image into the canvas
  4. Right click or click ‘position’ on the top left and click to set your image ‘to back’ so it sits behind the graphic.
  5. Situate the image until happy with placement
  6. Click the share button to download!

Don’t have a Canva account? Sign up for a free account today!

Press Release & Media Outreach Tips

One way to share your accomplishment with your community is via earned media. Earned media can increase your organization’s credibility and exposure in the community and gain the attention of families in your area.

To help you share your successes through the media, we’ve included a customizable press release template and tips on how to distribute the press release to your local media outlets.

Social Media

If you use Facebook or other social media platforms for your program, we encourage you to promote your participation online! We’ve created a cover photo you can use to identify yourself as a quality-rated provider and have provided a few sample posts for you to use.

Newsletter/Website Blurb

Identifying yourself as a Step Up to Quality provider on your website and/or in your newsletter is a great way to share your quality rating. Just copy and paste!

Parent Letter

Your parents will be thrilled to hear your good news! We’ve put together a simple letter for you to distribute to parents and families.