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We Want to See Those First Steps!

That first step.

It’s a milestone moment. It signifies a whole new chapter, a new way of living. It’s hard to overstate what a big deal it is — you may not even realize it in the moment.

We could be talking about any first step — the first training run for a marathon, the first application completed for college, the first audition for a play. Or even the first action parents take when looking for child care.

The person or people who will care for your child while you’re at work is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, so that first step when researching is equally important, too.

The first step parents should make when looking for high-quality child care in Nebraska is referencing Step Up to Quality’s list of enrolled providers. Parents can rest assured that these child care providers are all committed to quality, no matter if they are at Step One or Step Five in the process. (Even child care providers have that important first step to make when pursuing a higher level of care!)

A Baby’s First Step

But back to a baby’s first step. It’s one of childhood’s most revered moments, and even though it happens at different ages, it’s something parents have in common.

Usually parents can sense that first step is about to happen. Babies get a little more confident while they’re cruising along furniture, and they probably will try and fall a few times before they take that true first step on their own. Because there’s usually a build-up before that first step happens, and especially now when video cameras are within arm’s reach at all times on a smartphone, lots of first steps are being captured and shared on social media.

We want to see your baby’s first steps! There’s nothing we love more than seeing babies develop, and there’s nothing quite like that first step. Can you imagine what that must feel like for a baby who is used to leaning on things, to be independent for that first time? You can see the pride and joy in their eyes. Or the surprise after falling. Either way, it’s magical and we can’t wait to celebrate your baby’s achievement.

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