Step Up To Quality Stories

This is Quality

Every year, and every day, is about quality at Step Up to Quality. But in 2022, we’re going to be emphasizing quality in new ways.

The early childhood education field has been significantly impacted by the pandemic. However, child care providers have shown incredible resilience. People outside of the field now have a greater awareness of how essential child care is and how important high-quality early childhood education is for our youngest Nebraskans.

At the same time, we recognize that “quality” can be hard to define, especially for people like first-time parents. Even for experienced child care providers, new research and data is always being published, and the field itself is continuously improving.

Over the course of this year, we’ll be communicating what quality means to us. We’ll release new ways of connecting with our team, you’ll see the new ways that we’re reaching parents and growing awareness of Step Up to Quality, and you’ll learn of ways we’re improving our own processes. Throughout it all, we’ll be showing gratitude toward all the child care providers and early childhood education teachers who are participating in Step Up to Quality this year. These educators place a high priority on continuously improving the quality of their care, and they go above and beyond for Nebraska’s children every single day.

Above all, we’re here to ensure every child in Nebraska has the very best start in life. High-quality early care can make a tremendous difference in the future of our state, and we’re determined to make sure every child has access to it. Quality matters.