Step Up To Quality Stories

On Cloud Nine: Learn about Step Up to Quality’s Exciting Milestones

In July, we celebrated the ninth anniversary of Step Up to Quality!

We’re so proud to be a part of the growing focus on the importance of high quality early childhood education, both here in Nebraska and throughout the nation. Step Up to Quality is a part of a network of Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) throughout the country. While each state’s system is a little different to fit the needs of individual areas, we all are working toward making each child’s early learning experience the best it can be.

This past year was a milestone for us in many ways. One of our biggest accomplishments was launching the much-anticipated Step Up to Quality 2.0. After many meetings, surveys, feedback sessions and research, we learned a great deal about what worked about our process and what could be enhanced. The improvements we made included earlier coaching opportunities, observation choices and expanded indicator options for a more personalized experience.

Another exciting moment was when we surpassed 700 participating programs. And now we’re up to 729! We’re incredibly proud of each and every provider who is working through the five steps. It’s a rigorous process, but it’s also rewarding and meaningful. We are grateful for these providers who are going above and beyond for the children in their care.

Which leads us to our most important number: 41,705 children have been educated by Step Up to Quality-rated programs since 2014. Every child in Nebraska matters to us, and we’re appreciative of all the parents and educators who share our commitment to high-quality early childhood education.

For more information on our growth over the last nine years, please view our annual report. Be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter for the latest information about Step Up to Quality.