Step Up To Quality Stories

500+ Providers Strong

We achieved a big milestone: more than 500 providers are now participating in Step Up to Quality!

“This achievement means that thousands of children in Nebraska are receiving the best possible care in their most formative years,” said Step Up to Quality Director Lauri Cimino.

We want to take a moment and thank all the providers across the state who made this possible. Through your hard work, dedication and commitment to the children in your care, you’re making one of the biggest differences in lives you could possibly make. We’re not exaggerating when we say  you’re setting the children in your care on a path to living their best lives. You’re making your communities better places to live, and you’re impacting the future of our state.


It’s a big deal, and it all starts with you.

Think about the thousands of children in our state who are receiving attentive care in a thoughtful environment that promotes learning through physical, social and emotional development. The first five years are the most formative of a person’s life, and these children – your children – are in the best possible place where they can build a strong foundation.

Providers, because of all your hard work and the extra effort you put forth, in five years when the babies in your care are entering kindergarten, they’ll be ready to learn. In another 13 years when they graduate from high school, they’ll be prepared for the next step. And in another few years, they’ll be giving back to their communities like you. Our state’s workforce, economy and future are in your capable hands – and we’re so grateful for your commitment to be the best you can be.


No matter where you are along the Step Up to Quality path, we want to give you all the high fives. You’re going the extra mile for your children every day, and it matters.

We’re celebrating you all month long and into February, too. Look out for special posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and some special images you can share on your own channels, too.

We know this past year has been incredibly hard, so let’s celebrate all you’ve done. Your job is important, you are important, and we’re so glad you are here!