Who Slept Here?


Historical Sites / Historical Figures

Thematic Scenario: Who Slept Here?
Contexts\Outcomes: Students will acquire information on historical sites/figures through connections with the target culture and represent their understanding of the target culture.
Learn from Selected Countries/Cultures: Historical background information
Geographical background information
Cultural background information
Strategies: Individual Activities:
Students use the Internet to research historical sites and historical figures.
Students make a comparison chart of sites or persons from the target culture and sites or persons from the United States.
Pair Activities:
Students create a brochure of historical sites they have physically or virtually visited.
Students produce a pictorial and descriptive collection of historical sites from specific countries.
Group Activities:
Students role play an interview of a historically significant figure.
Students make a 3-D model of a historical site.
Students study the music, art, literature, etc.of the country or time period.
Assessments: Written Projects:
Students keep a journal of historical sites they have visited meeting checklist criteria.
Students create an illustrated brochure of an historical site in the target country meeting rubric criteria.
Class Presentation:
Students role play an interview of a historically significant figure meeting rubric criteria.
Student projects meet rubric criteria.
Resources: Internet
Library resources/research
Guest speakers
Travel bureau of the target country
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