Where Do I Fit In?



Thematic Scenario: Where Do I Fit In?
Contexts\Outcomes: Students acquire information and perspectives through authentic materials, apply cultural knowledge within and beyond the school setting, and exchange opinions on clothing and its relationship to personality in the selected culture(s).
Learn from Selected Countries/Cultures: Specific information about clothing, accessories, sizes, descriptions, etc. of selected culture(s)
Cultural background information (including customs/traditions)
Historical background information of clothing in selected culture(s)
Knowledge of oral presentation formats
Knowledge of advertising strategies
Strategies: Written Projects:
Students keep a journal of clothing worn during a one-week period meeting specific criteria.
Students write fashion descriptions meeting specific criteria.
Students create fashion ads meeting specific criteria.
Students interview individuals on the Internet about fashion in the selected cultures.
Graphic Organizer:
Student groups use webbing/mapping graphic to identify types of clothing worn in other cultures.
Students use the Internet to research fashion from selected cultures.
Students view and discuss videos of fashion collections from selected cultures.
Students research and develop a chart comparing American sizes with sizes from selected cultures.
Pair Activities:
Students create posters representing a specific style and relating it to personal characteristics.
Students develop a commercial jingle advertising fashion from selected cultures.
Cooperative Learning:
Students evaluate commercials from selected cultures.
Students evaluate commercials from the U.S.
Students compare, contrast, and analyze commercials from the U.S. and selected cultures.
Student groups plan and present a style show including selection of music, written descriptions and oral commentary of model’s attire, modeling, use of available authentic materials, and videotaping of the performance to view for self-assessment. Attempt should be made to include various fashion modes from the selected cultures such as hippie, grunge, preppie, nerd, punk, socialite, etc.
Assessments: Written Projects:
Students work in pairs to create a style poster meeting specified criteria.
Students work in pairs to develop a commercial jingle meeting specified rubric criteria.
Students develop a chart of American and selected culture sizes meeting specified criteria.
Oral Presentation:
Student work in groups to plan and present a style show meeting specified rubric criteria.
Resources: Internet research/resources
Library research/resources
Magazines from the selected cultures
Authentic materials from selected cultures
Community resources
Student dress
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