French Connection

— Bringing the World to Your Classroom —

How can you empower your students to interact in the global community?  The Nebraska Department of Education works with the Académie de Besançon in the Franche-Comté region of France to develop partnerships between teachers and students in Nebraska and France. 

The French Connection Program integrates international education into your classroom.  The program helps students develop knowledge and understanding of the French culture, learn communication skills, and participate in a global community.

The following steps provide guidance to start “bringing the world to your classroom.”

1) Complete the online application at

      • Email to
      • Nebraska Department of Education and the Académie de Besançon search for a partner school
      • Nebraska Department of Education contacts applicant with partner information
      • The exchange begins

2) Informal contacts between teachers and students take place

      • Teachers decide on the platform to use to communicate (e.g., email, blog, wiki, podcasting, Skype)

        *Test platform for success.  Sometimes all international emails are blocked by the school. Talk to tech specialist if needed and ask for emails to be put on a safe list.

      • Teachers and students use technology to learn about each other (lives, school, surroundings, etc.)

3) The French Connection common project aims to support student learning by giving students meaningful, motivating reasons to communicate

        • Develop a theme that corresponds to the level and interests of the students
        • Ensure student engagement with projects that give students opportunities to interact with each other
        • Use technology to communicate, create, find solutions, etc.
        • Set a timeline of activities and deadlines for the mutual final production or result achieved together
        • Give recognition to students for successful participation
        • Share your experience on the Nebraska French Connection Program website


Updated August 23, 2017 7:31pm