Teaching Resource Websites

Center for Applied Linguistic Resources Guide

Comprehensive and easy to navigate listing of multiple resources for the language program


Aims to provide a place online where educators from anywhere in the world can post curricula and lesson plans for review and use by fellow classroom teachers.

Enchanted Learning

A multitude of downloadable documents such as vocab books, vocab matching activities, and quizzes. There is a yearly site fee of $20.00.

FL Teach

Comprehensive website with lesson plans, blogs, ideas, and resources


Excellent resource on foreign language learning in grades K-8: Frequently Asked Questions, Foreign Language Standards, Resources for early language learning, Model Programs, and Teacher Development.


Lots and lots of activities for all Spanish vocabulary

Quia Games Integrated with FLES Curriculum

Spanish Lesson Plans

Lesson plan ideas for using Spanish such as a lesson on things in a classroom


This site allows you to make online flashcards. You can create, edit, copy and combine sets. For each set created, students are offered seven activities. Quizlet Live is another option for group learning. It also provides basic feedback to students.


Allow teachers to import quizlet sets to this site. This site will automatically generate 7+ games for each set you created.


This site offers 18 types of games for students to practice vocabulary or sentences. More types will be accessible with a very low fee (around $5).


This cite offers free vocab lessons with games in 50 languages.

STARTALK Central by the University of Maryland

This website offers language resources for less commonly taught languages, such as Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Urdu, etc.

French Teacher Resources

A free French resource website for school teachers and tutors of French as a foreign language. All materials are organized by topic.

German Teacher Resources

This website allows you to generate rubrics online with ready to use templates (without asking for any personal information).


This site allows you to add voiceovers and insert interactive questions to make videos an interactive mini lessons for student self-paced learning.


A website similar to Edpuzzle.


This website allows you to create discussions. Students can participate by recording their own responses.


This is a website that can turn spreadsheets into interactive games and printables. It has instructions for each game—very user-friendly.

If you are interested in learning more about the technology tools or about other technology tools, please feel free to contact Chrystal Liu at chrystal.liu@nebraska.gov.

Updated July 16, 2021 12:50pm