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Computer Mediated Communication for Teaching and Learning in the Chinese Context

Orientation-Global Information
Information about any country in the world, weather, current events, business, etc.


The World of French Culture
French Culture in the USA

Media Links

Multimedia Resources

Huge amount of materials, resources and classroom exercises for French teachers: French music videos, Francophone culture shows…all with related study guides

French Films

More than 100 French films with English subtitles that can be downloaded over the Internet, for non-commercial public screenings

Visit the Eiffel Tower

The French Connection
French Business

Clear and concise information about Switzerland.

Self-Study Guide to the World Wide Web in French
Surf the web, find French resource materials, create your own web page, and use materials in the classroom.

Journal Francais         
Current events, interviews, sports, fashion, book reviews, “word of the day”, history, and more in French.

French Through Science Project

“La main à la pâte” method for the teaching of French as a foreign language

Monthly Cultural Bulletin
Stay informed about all the French and Francophone events in Chicago (cinema, music, theater, food and more)

French In Action  
A resource for teachers using French in Action

Cave of Lascaux  
Take a virtual tour of the wall paintings of Lascaux courtesy of the Ministry in France

European Union
Lots of information about all aspects of the European Union

TV and Radio Sites in French 
Media links from around the world in French.

Tennessee Bob’s Famous French Links
Over 8000 links to French sites.

Why Learn French?

Check out these web sites:








Decades of the 20th Century in German
Contents of the decades deal with art, history, science, politics, etc.

European Union
Lots of information about all aspects of the European Union.

German Professor
Helpful resource for students learning German on the Internet

Goethe-Institute Home Page
German resources

Government, history, economics, culture, news services, and more links

Nebraska Association of Teachers of German
Information about meetings, workshops, membership, officers, contacts, etc.

German-American student magazine with lots of current news about Germany.

Stern Magazine
News. sports, and more.


Japan Foundation
Provides many resources about Japan, its culture, music, people, etc. and a newsletter with pertinent information for Japanese teachers.

TJF – The Japan Forum



Russify Everything
Here you can find detailed and yet simple instructions on how to make your favorite software work with Cyrillic characters.


Videos in Spanish (made by young native Spanish speakers)

Yahoo in Spanish

Teach Spanish (Click on Spanish links!)

Learning Circles (Click on Spanish)

Minister of Education and Culture (Spanish)

Visit Royalty in Spain

Los Arboles Hablan

Spanish News

La Vanguardia

El Mundo

A Christmas Carol in Spanish

Spanish-Speaking Countries
Go to the image map at the bottom of the page and click on any of the Spanish-speaking countries for information about that country, including photos of currency.  Students at the Humanities Research Center at Brigham Young University created the site.

Spanish Grammar Practice
Provides students with practice using spanish grammar.

Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo history and additional links to other related information.

European Union
Lots of information about all aspects of the European Union.

Learn Spanish-A Free Online Tutorial
for grammar, interesting cultural section, and more…

Spanish Photos

PowerPoint slide show of sites in Spain

Link to Spanish curriculum materials

Mexico Connect
Links to different areas of Mexico, culture, history, traditions, art, and more!

Spanish News
In Spanish:  News from Spanish-speaking countries around the world.  Current events included!

Hispanic Christmas
Traditions, music, poems, recipes, history, and more!

Spanish Site
Weather, translators, cities, etc. all in Spanish

Spanish Word of the Month
Subscribe for a free Spanish Word of the Month to be sent to you the beginning of every month

Online store of all kinds of food from Spain, tiles, recipes, cazuelas, cookbooks, etc.

Spain Data
Information on Spain

Cultura Latina Bookstore
Specializes in books in Spanish or on Latino themes, including bestseller lists, and regular readings by prominent Latino authors.

Centro Virtual Cervantes
Lots of cultural information, links, Don Quixote, etc.

El Pais
Spanish Newspaper

General Interest


Receives and re-transmits television programming from around the world in native languages via satellite, cable TV and the Internet.

Divided into sections according to topic

List of web resources, click on the ‘elementary’ tag on the right side to see resources specific to K-6

WL Teachers BLOG
Blog started for teachers to share new resources and information


Bablefish – The Online Translator
Translates for you…

Resource network for collaborative project work for teachers and young people


National Endowment for the Humanities site with lesson plans, web resources, and activities in a variety of languages

National Geographic Xpeditions

Thousands of ideas, tools, and interactive adventures

World Fact Book

The Embassy Page


International Channel Networks Classroom Resources
Provides classroom resources and links to other foreign language resources.

CLEAR (Center for Language Education and Research)
CLEAR promotes collaborating in FL research and teacher education by facilitating integrated research, instruction, and training programs.

CARLA (Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition)
CARLA provides information about research and action initiatives and contains many resources for the language teaching community.

Language Resource Center – Wiley Nonce
Contains educational language links, resources, Web tutorials, or ideas for Web activities.

National Foreign Language Resource Center University of Hawaii
Resources on research, teacher training, materials, and projects.  Focus primarily on the less commonly-taught languages of Asia and the Pacific.

McREL Educator Resources
Foreign language links, standards, lesson plans, and connections.

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators-Foreign Language
A categorized list of sites found to be useful for foreign language teachers.

Travel Guides
International travel information that includes addresses, general, passport/visa, money, holidays, health, accommodations, excursions, business, climate, history, maps.

Connections Technology Challenge Grant
Teachers in Nebraska schools participated in this grant to enhance student learning through integrated curricula supported by technology.  Click curriculum go to curriculum areas/foreign language to explore units connecting with FL.  Also includes learning resources.

Foreign language resources and links, including a national FL teacher listserv.

Charts All Over the World
Current top 10 music lists from all over the world.

A teacher tool that allows you to generate puzzles for classroom use.

World Encyclopedia
Countries with their Anthems, Flags, Maps, History, Weather, Geography, Government and Economic Information

Homework Central
Type in your keyword and explore over 10,000 study subjects linked to 75,000 scholar-selected Internet resources in many languages.

Multilingual Tests and Language Exercises
Test and exercises in 10 different languages.

Orientation-Global Information
Information about any country in the world, weather, current events, business, etc.

Quick Rate
Calculate exchange rates

Online Dictionaries and Translators

International Exchange Locator
A Resource Directory for Educational and Cultural Exchange

Connect with other ePALS members around the world, in ways that are both fun and educational.

National Capital Language Resource Center
Lots of resources, research, professional development opportunities.

Slavic and Eastern European Languages Resource Center
Lots of resources, research, and professional development opportunities.

National African Language Resource Center
Lots of resources, research. and professional development opportunities.

Culture and Language
Your source for information on doing business abroad and international business and social etiquette.

Content Based Language Teaching through Technology
Thematic lesson plans incorporating content-based language instruction using technology.

Foreign Language Resources
Don’t be fooled. It looks like an ESL site, but scroll down to find TONS of FL links.

CAL (Center for Applied Linguistics)
Tons of current foreign language and bilingual information, research, resources, etc.

Early Language Learning – Nanduti
Resources for grades K-8 foreign language learning.

The World Bank-Economic Development Institute
Resources on FL and countries around the world.

Clearinghouse on Languages and Linguistics

Foreign Language Links

Live Radio
From around the world if your computer can handle it.

The Global Schoolhouse
Global resources

Quia-Quintessential Instructional Archive
Provides a directory of thousands of online games and quizzes, templates for creating thirteen different types of online games, including flashcards, matching, concentration, word search, hangman, challenge board, and a quiz-show style trivia game, tools for creating online quizzes, and more.

Unites you with more than 1,700 extraordinary artists around the world. Read about their lives, explore their fascinating cultures, and select from more than 8,500 handcrafted works of art, quizzes, and more.

International Travel
Pertinent information for international travel planning.

Yahoo Geocities
Enter any city or country to SEARCH for relevant web sites.

ICONS (the International Communication and Negotiation Simulations) offers educational simulations of international relations at both the university and high school levels. Students at a participating institution represent the decision makers of a selected country and negotiate solutions to global problems via the Internet with peers around the world.

Flashcard Web Sites:

(Click here for summary description of all the following sites)

E.L. Easton created this web site for many languages including English.
International Communication and Negotiation