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Assessing Quality Of Workplace Experiences

Nebraska Career and Technical Education must infuse workplace experiences that are relevant to the instruction as a part of each CTE course.  The measurement of the quality and impact of those experience is challenging but critically important. This measurement must be grounded in student learning outcomes.

Factors to consider in quality assessment are:

  • Workplace experiences are a part of a sequential program that builds through Nebraska’s workplace experiences continuum to provide students with meaningful career development opportunities.
  • Workplace experiences are based on student outcomes leading to career preparation and not simply a collection of activities.
  • Workplace experiences are fully integrated into the instructional program, not an add-on or extra credit activity.
  • Workplace experiences must be focused on preparation for a career area and not be narrow or limited to a job or a specific set of skills to help students understand all aspects of an industry.
  • Workplace experiences are driven by quality criteria designed to meet the needs of the individual student rather than focused on schedule, class projects or number of students participating.
  • Workplace experiences are documented using a student portfolio or other approach to identify student growth and achievement.