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Nebraska Approval Process for Work-Based Learning Strategy Programs

Nebraska school districts conducting programs at the work-based learning strategy level, must meet the following minimum components:

  • A teacher with appropriate certification including the work-based learning endorsement to serve as the work-based learning coordinator.
  • Instruction is provided by the school district in the technical skill area the student wiII be experiencing in the work-based learning program.
  • The student-learner works intermittent, short periods of time under the direct and close supervision  of the coordinator.
  •  Assurance to adhere to Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Safety instructions are provided by the school and correlated by the employer with on-the-job-training.
  • A schedule of organized and progressive work processes to be performed on the job is prepared.
  • Employer agrees to provide training, supervision and adherence to safety protocol.
  • Written evaluation of student performance provided by employer and coordinator.
  • Pay must be at the minimum wage or training rate wage. Additional requirements are in place for training rate wage.
  • Signatures of student, parent, teacher coordinator and employer.

Programs meeting the minimum components allows the student learners to work in those hazardous occupations where exceptions are allowed for student-learners.