Making sure a page is safe to delete.

Before a page is submitted to delete, it is important to first verify that site links to that page, and it’s files, are resolved first.  In order to help facilitate this process, a new analysis  tool was created.  To use this tool:

1.) Log in to WordPress as normal (

2.) Click On Pages (which is the same as All Pages):Click pages image

3.) Move your mouse over the page you want to analyze and click the Analyze link:

analyze link image

It may take some time to do a full analysis on the page, and then the results are presented underneath the quick link area:analysis image


Analysis details:

In Page(s) – A link to THIS PAGE was found directly within the content of listed page (i.e. not in a navigation link on the left)

In Menu(s) – A link to THIS PAGE was found in a navigation menu.

Attachments In Page:  Media files (PDF’s, Word Documents, Images, etc) uploaded to THIS PAGE.
PAGE:  – there is a link to this file in listed page’s content (i.e. not in a navigation link)
MENU: – the listed menu contains a link to this file.