UNO Announces MALT Colloquium

(Submitted by Dr. Claudia Garcia)

The Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures and MALT Program at UNO announce the 13th MALT Annual Colloquium on Language Teaching, to take place Saturday February 9, 2019 from 10:00-4:00 PM at Mammel Hall (UNO Scott campus).

This year’s event includes a Keynote Address by Dr. Carolyn Gascoigne from Angelo Sate University on “Reviewing Reading: From Models to Practice” (10:00-11:00); Presentations (11:15-12:15; 1:55-2:55) and Poster Sessions (1:10-1:40); and a Round Table & Open Discussion on “World Languages inside and outside the K-16 Classroom. Standards, Practices, and Insights towards Deep Listening and Understanding” (3:10-4:00). Find more information on the colloquium, and about how to submit a proposal in the attached flyers. If you have questions, you can contact:

Marie Lee at
Dr. Claudia Garcia at