Meet Your NILA Board: President Dr. Eckerson

Studio portrait of Bradley Stauffer, Director of External Relations, College of Education and Human Sciences. CEHS Faculty / Staff photo shoot. February 11, 2014, Photo by Orville Friesen, Instructional Design Photographer.

Dr. Janet Eckerson, Ed.D., President
Assistant Professor of Spanish
University of Nebraska Kearney

Janet speaks…Spanish.

How do you maintain your proficiency in the language?

I maintain my language proficiency speaking and interacting on social media with friends and family (including husband and in-laws in Argentina), reading books, news and websites, watching movies, listening to music and of course, teaching in the target language.

If you were involved in the standards revision, please share what you feel is a strength within the new standards.

The new standards provide specific guidance for each of the standards for educators working with students at different levels of proficiency.  This means that the new standards can provide a real foundation for curriculum, instruction and assessment in our classrooms.

How do you feel that NILA has helped you develop as an educator? What NILA experience has helped you the most?

NILA has provided a vehicle for me to meet and collaborate with outstanding educators around the state.  If I had not started attending NILA early in my career, I would never have met some of my favorite talented educators in this state; who have not only shared great ideas, but also tons of encouragement when I needed it most.